Frequently Asked Questions


  • Assist in the development of an academic plan which reflects both short and long-term goals
  • Interpret placement test scores for appropriate course selection
  • Provide an unofficial transcript evaluation
  • Assist with selection and sequencing of classes
  • Provide college resource and support service information
  • Provide a graduation review for the desired degree or certificate program
  • Help facilitate transfer to another college or university

You should meet with an advisor once each semester. Our advising team supports your academic goals and will guide you through procedures for classes, majors, degree checks and transferring.

Advisors are assigned by your Field of Interest (FOI) or your major. You can find FOIs here and Meet the advisors here.

You can make an appointment here. When the campus is open during peak hours, advisors may only see students on a walk-in basis. 

Here is what you can do to get ready:

  • If you are a new to college student, attend a Puma Pre-Advising
  • If you are a continuing/returning student and enrolling for next semester bring any documentation from previous advising sessions.
  • If you are a transfer student bring printed transcripts from previous colleges for the advisor to review. They do not have to be official but you will need to have them evaluated by admissions prior to graduation.

Academic Advisors help you choose the classes you need to complete your degree or program of study. The required courses are listed under your degree program. An advisor will help you find the classes to meet your degree requirements.

Once an advisor creates your academic plan or lists your courses, you build your own class schedule using the resources covered in the New Student Advisement sessions.

All incoming freshman take one of these classes. The classes teach you the knowledge and skills on how to navigate college successfully. CPD150 contains a career exploration component, which helps you choose your degree. Both classes transfer to the public in-state universities.

Sharing or double/tripping dipping is when you use one class to satisfy more than one degree requirement. (You do not get extra credit for these classes) The classes pertain to only certain degree areas, which are usually listed on degree sheets as 0-3 written in the credit column. These specific classes are usually used to fulfill the awareness areas (cultural, global/historical), communication and critical reading requirements. For questions regarding specific courses, please confirm with your advisor.

PVCC offers over 70 certificates and degrees. You can find them on our degrees and certificates page.

You can transfer a maximum of 64 credits to the three Arizona state universities (ASU, NAU and UofA). Several of our transfer partners will accept 84 to 90 transfer credits for select degrees.

Check with an advisor or at Arizona Transfer check which courses transfer to one of the state universities.

It is a two-step process to have your transcripts sent and evaluated from another institution:

  1. Request the college/university send an official transcript to Admissions and Records Office. They cannot be hand carried or mailed from your home.
  2. You will receive a message in your Message Center in your student center when they are received here. Then request a transcript evaluation here.

The evaluation process can take 2-8 weeks. You can still meet with an advisor prior to the evaluation for an unofficial evaluation. Make sure you bring a copy of your transcript.

Research the Fields of Interests. Most students can narrow down a general area of career options and degrees. You can also take the career exploration classes CPD102 or CPD150. Whether you are a student with us or not, you can also make an appointment with Career Counselor to help you choose a career path that is right for you. 

Advisors show you which classes meet the requirements of your new degree choice and will create an academic plan for your new major.

You can find many of your answers on the MaricopaNursing website. Prior to meeting with a nursing advisor at PVCC, it is mandatory to attend a Nursing Information Session. Please see below for additional links to Maricopa Community College nursing pathways.

By clicking “Degree Progress Report” in your student center, you can see: how many credits you have completed, your PVCC GPA, the classes that meet your degree requirements, and which ones you need to complete your degree. You can also run a ‘what if’ to check another degree. This only works if you have all of your college transcripts in your PVCC account.

There are numerous factors that determine how long it will take. You should meet with an advisor to create your academic plan, which will help you determine when you will graduate. After completing the required courses, an advisor will help you complete your Petition to Graduate.