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The Copy Center provides copy services and mail delivery for the PVCC campus. For more information about the services offered, please choose one of the topics in the left side  menu. 

Questions can be directed to 602-787-7770.


Pacific Office Automation

Copy and Print Requests
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First Time Users

Copying has never been easier and quality never better, as you can now send your copy requests electronically from your desk, home, or anywhere you have internet access. Simply follow the directions below to log in or call a copy center representative for assistance at ext. 7-7770 or 7-7779. Please refer to the guide on the right for using the Digital Storefront system from Pacific Office Automation.Copy Center POA

  1. Visit the Online Web Store
  2. Login with your MEID and password.
  3. There are five product services available. Click on the product for details or click the Order button for the appropriate product for the type of job you want to order (Printing or Copying / Black & White or Color)
  5. When you select Order on a product you will be presented with a new window. If you are ordering a Printing product you will be asked to upload your electronic files (ADD FILES), provide a Job Name and Quantity needed. (The job name is for you to be able to recognize this job later in your order history in case you want to reorder the same job later).
  6. You will see a Preview of your job in the right hand side of the screen as you pick your job options on the left. Once your jobs options are selected and your preview looks correct click the Add To Cart button. You can “Proceed to Checkout “or “Continue Shopping” if you need to order additional jobs. You also have the option to “Save for Later” if you need to stop and continue ordering your job at a later time.
  7. Follow the checkout process, you will be asked to pick a DUE DATE and a delivery location.
  8. PLEASE contact the Copy Center at ext. 7-7770 or 7-7779 with any questions on this process.


Due to the nature of the security of this new software using your MEID as the login our Copy Center operators CANNOT place an order on your behalf.