Disability Resources and Services

The Disability Resources and Services provides information and services to students with any documented disability who are attending classes at Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC). Disability Resources and Services strives to empower students, foster independence and promote achievement of realistic career and educational goals. Disability Resources and Services, along with the campus community, will assist students to discover, develop, and demonstrate their full potential and abilities.

Disability Registration

Disability Resources and Services has been designated as the point of contact for students with disabilities at PVCC. Students who wish to receive accommodations are required to submit documentation and formally register for services prior to receiving accommodations.

Students that self-identify to instructors as having a disability will be directed to register for services with the DRS.

Documentation of Disability

Documentation must meet the documentation guidelines for the given disability category. All documentation must be current, comprehensive and from a professional who is qualified to make the assessment or diagnosis stated. In general, documentation provides a diagnosis, date of diagnosis, and method of evaluation, as well as information about the severity or duration, current treatment and functional limitations on the student. If students have some documentation but it does not fully meet the documentation guidelines DRS may be able to determine accommodations on a PROVISIONAL basis for one semester.


A reasonable accommodation includes any adjustments, modifications, auxiliary aids or services that enables an individual with a disability to have an equal opportunity to obtain the same result, to gain the same benefit, or to reach the same level of achievement, in the most integrated setting appropriate to the person's needs. Reasonable accommodations need only guarantee equal opportunity, not equal results.

Some of the various types of accommodations and auxiliary aids include:

  • Extended time on exams
  • Assistance with notes
  • Permission to record lecture
  • Reader/scribe for exams
  • Alternate format textbooks
  • Adaptive Software (Kurzweill 3000, Dragon Naturally Speaking, JAWS)
  • Sign Language interpreters


Knowledge of disability, and disability documentation is kept confidential. Information is shared from Disability Resources and Services on a need to know basis, or as directed by the student in a Release of Information.

Notification of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator

Under the ADA and Section 504, the District and its colleges recognize the obligation to provide overall program accessibility throughout its locations for persons with disabilities. The designated ADA Title IX/504 Coordinator at each college will provide information as to the existence and location of services, activities and facilities that are accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities. Requests for accommodations should be addressed to the coordinator. Likewise, under Title IX, there is an obligation to provide services and program accessibility in a gender-neutral manner. 

Students with disabilities may request catalog information in an alternate format from the college ADA Title IX/504 Coordinator:

Dr. Jana Schwartz - Vice President of Student Affairs
A Building