PVCC Alumni Association

PVCC Alumni Association

Welcome PVCC Alumni!

If you attended or graduated from PVCC, then you are considered one of PVCC’s valued alumni. The alumni association is a network of proud Pumas supporting each other and encouraging new students to engage in all our college has to offer. PVCCAA members are active in communities from local to global. We contribute our time and talents to make a difference, mentor students, support scholarships, and champion major initiatives supporting community college.

PVCC Alumni Association

This card will identify the holder as a PVCC alumna/alumnus. This card is not an official ID.

Alumni CardYour PVCCAA Alumni Card will be mailed to you within 10 days of joining. If you have lost your card, please notify the Alumni Office to receive a replacement card.

The PVCC Alumni Association works with community partners to develop connections and provide benefits for alumni. If you are a community or business partner interested in offering privileges or discounts to PVCCAA members, please contact us at PVCCalumni@paradisevalley.edu or 602-787-7376.

PVCCAA benefits and discounts may vary, subject to change and availability. Valid for use by cardholder only; upon presentation of card. PVCC does not guarantee benefits or discounts on behalf of participating merchants. Partner participation is subject to further verification, change or cancellation. PVCC does not endorse participating partners, nor goods, or services provided.

The mission of the Paradise Valley Community College Alumni Association (PVCCAA) is to honor and preserve our 30+ years of heritage, contribute to its legacy, and assist future graduates. By remaining engaged, PVCCAA members foster lifelong connections among alumni, students, faculty, staff, and the community. PVCCAA strives to cultivate goodwill and support for the college by sponsoring social, educational, philanthropic, and service-oriented programs. PVCCAA encourages meaningful engagement and leadership to benefit all.

As a member of PVCC's esteemed alumni family, your support in reaching out to prospective and current students, the community, and other alumni is crucial to the continued success of the college. You are a valuable partner in promoting learning and engagement at PVCC and beyond.

Programs and activities of the PVCCAA will align with these key areas:

  • Membership & Community Engagement
  • Partnerships & Fundraising
  • PVCC Student Mentoring

The PVCCAA wants to keep you engaged in an ongoing, rewarding relationship with PVCC, long after your final class or graduation. We’ve seen you soar and we want to engage you more!


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