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Center for the Performing Arts


Due to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic our full Theatre season is a little fluid, please watch for updates regularly.  You can check dates and purchase tickets to events (streaming events included) at


Ghostlight by Michael R Duran directed by Andrea Robertson:

Ghostlight is a collection of theatre ghost stories told from the perspective of different theatre professionals from an actress to a stage manager.  "It should be known that each of the stories told this evening comes from personal experiences. Each incident is based on an actual event that happened to me in different theatres throughout my career. And so, with that said.... picture yourself, it is late on a windswept Autumn night, a storm of rain or snow has you gathered around the warm glow of a fireplace, you are safe and comfy and a trusted friend speaks into the quiet and says:   "I’m going to tell you a story, you probably won’t believe it. In fact if you told me this selfsame story- I wouldn’t believe you either, but I know it to be true... because I was there...”   Michael R Duran

 CPA Show Dates: Streaming October 29-November 1 Click here for streaming information


A Night of Mystery directed by Andrea Robertson- Adapted from Agatha Christie’s “The Case of the Careless Client” and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Musgrave Ritual”. Herculene Poirot grew up learning about crime and investigation from her great-uncle, the famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. But, when Ms. Poirot stumbles upon a murder in her hotel, she must solve her first case with a new mentor. As the truth begins to unravel, Poirot must find the killer before he follows through on his threats, or finds a new victim. In the present day, Dr. Watson recounts a most extraordinary tale to our host, Manning.  Sherlock is vacationing in Phoenix when he receives a call from and old friend, Reggie Musgrave, urgently requesting his help. Musgrave’s butler, Brunton has gone missing. A mysterious riddle leads to a startling discovery. The game is most certainly afoot. CPA Show Dates: Streamed December 3-20