About Us

Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) is one of ten colleges, two skill centers, a corporate college and multiple satellite centers of the Maricopa County Community College District, an organization dedicated to educational excellence and to meeting the needs of businesses and the community of citizens in Maricopa County, Arizona. PVCC serves a predominately residential area in northeast Phoenix and northern Maricopa County. The college offers traditional programs in general education and transfer degrees as well as certificates and degrees in a number of occupational fields.

About our College

PVCC was established in 1985 as the Northeast Valley Education Center, a division of Scottsdale Community College. In 1987, classes were offered at the current location under the name Paradise Valley Community College Center.  The college has grown from a per-semester enrollment in 1987 of 3,700 to 9,477 (Fall 2013). The college’s unduplicated headcount per year is over 14,000 (Fall 2013).  PVCC had seen enrollment growth between 2-7% each semester; however, beginning in 2011-2012 there has been a steady decline. Coincident with past enrollment growth has been an increase in the number of faculty: from 27 full-time residential faculty in 1987 to 117 in 2013 along with 450 adjunct faculty. The total number of employees has grown from 62 in 1987 to over 695 today (including adjunct faculty).


In the Fall of 2016, PVCC undergraduate student population was 8,393. Of these, 30% were full-time and 70% were part-time;  43% were male and 56% were female; 1% were American Indian; 3% were Asian-Pacific Islander; 4% were African American;16% were Hispanic; 53% were Caucasian, and 23% were Other or Undisclosed.