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Career Counseling Services


Two out of three students change their majors at least once, while many change their career field six or seven times in their life.

If you are unsure about what you want to do with your life or are experiencing anxiety about your major or career choice, start here. Our counseling faculty can help.

Step 1: Self Assessment

Our counseling faculty help you develop awareness of your skills, values, interests, and personality traits. Assessment tools can help you gain a better understanding of yourself, expand your major and career options, and find good matches with majors and careers. Self-assessment typically includes meeting with a counselor and perhaps taking one or more of the many career assessment inventories we offer.

Step 2: Explore Career Options

There are many avenues to learn about various majors and careers. Using the Buxton Library and internet resources, conducting information interviews, and volunteering are just a few ways to learn what majors fit various careers. In addition, you can learn what is involved in a particular career, how it compares against trends in the field, the educational requirements, salary expectations, and other key career information.

Step 3: Decision Making

As we develop and grow, we will evaluate our career choices many times. We may revise and change our direction. Thus, career decision-making is no longer a "one-time" event. We need to learn a process that allows the flexibility and confidence to make the best decision. To this end, counseling services will help you create a plan of action to turn your major and career vision into a reality!

Step 4: Job Search & Development

Now that you've identified one or more majors and careers that interest you, counseling can help you identify the classes you need and valuable experiences, internships, and volunteer experiences that will contribute to your career development.