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Scholarships are considered “free money” meaning you do not have to repay them upon graduation.  There are many scholarships out there, offered by high schools, colleges, private donors, foundations, businesses, churches, non-profits, communities, employers, and professional organizations.  Some are based on merit, talent, and/or financial need.  Scholarships will have a separate application process that must be completed.

Only those with a lawful presence in the US may qualify for MCCCD scholarships or federal financial aid.  This does not apply to applications for private scholarship funds held in and distributed by the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation.

Creative Writing
Here at Paradise Valley Community College, the Creative Writing program is proud to celebrate our diverse writer’s community. Student- writers at all levels of experience find encouragement, instruction, events and opportunities to write and publish their own work. Here student-writers are valued as contributing members of our vibrant campus culture. The Creative Writing program is devoted to creating a campus culture which enriches interdisciplinary dialogue and perspectives. The Paradise Valley Community College Creative Writing Department will award several scholarships to those students-writers who have demonstrated an avocation for fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry. The talent waiver is intended to enhance the student-writer's creative writing experience. The talent waiver may be used to enroll in the creative writing workshops or specific literature classes which are designed to deepen a student-writer's knowledge and understanding about the creative process as well as craft, technique and style. Talent waivers must be used for educational purposes at PVCC. Eligibility: 1. Students who have completed or are in the process of completing three (3) credits in Creative Writing workshops: ENG 210, ENG 217, ENG 205, PVCC and; 2. Students who plan on taking Creative Writing specific Literature creative writing oriented courses at PVCC and; 3. Students currently enrolled in at least three (3) credits at PVCC.

The Dance program at Paradise Valley Community College is committed to providing professional dance training to students of all levels who wish to pursue a career in dance by completing the Associates in Fine Arts Dance.  The program also focuses in preparing those students who will continue to pursue a dance major at a four- year institution and provides opportunities for those students whose only wish is to acquire a specific skill in their dance training.  In addition, the dance program enhances the cultural opportunities for the community at large by presenting dance concerts and dance workshops that feature the diversity of our dance community.  Whether you want to learn a social dance or a specific concert dance like Jazz, Ballet or Modern or become a dance instructor or studio owner, the dance department at PVCC offers an affordable and enriching approach to achieve your artistic goals.  Dance program talent waivers are awarded to outstanding students who through their own efforts have contributed and enriched the dance program.  Talent waivers also serve as a recruitment tool for serious and dedicated students who are interested in the fine and performing arts.  The talent waivers are awarded through a nomination process.  Dance instructors nominate their best students each semester and recipients names are announced in our bi-annual dance collection.

The PVCC Occupational Journalism Certificate offers students the opportunity to acquire a journalism credential while earning a college degree. Designed by the MCCCD Journalism and New Media Studies Instructional Council and area publishers, the certificate prepares students to begin working in the publishing industry at entry level while still in college. It also provides an avenue for college graduates who didn’t major in journalism to earn a recognized credential in the field. The certificate program can be completed in only 18 credit hours. The awarding of the Journalism Talent Waiver encourages students to participate in PVCC’s Occupational Journalism Program and to publish through the school’s student newspapers, “The Puma Press” and “NEVN.” A student who receives the talent waiver will be enrolled in a journalism class and will be actively publishing in the newspaper. Students may apply for the talent waiver by contacting the faculty adviser to the Puma Press, Denise Estfan, at 602-787-6961. Estfan awards the talent waivers after the publication of the first issue of the student newspaper each semester. JRN Certificate Requirements: JRN 201 News Writing; ENG 235 Magazine Article Writing or JRN 234 Feature Writing; JRN 215 News Production; JRN 203 Writing for Online Media; MCO 120 Media and Society; ENG101 Freshman Composition; JRN 290 Publications Portfolio; JRN 240 Internship. Electives: JRN 298 Special Projects; JRN 212 Broadcast Writing; JRN 225 Photo-journalism; TCM 100 Digital Media. Journalism Certificate candidates will not receive their certificates unless their e-Portfolio of four published articles passes a jury of the advisory council of the Occupational Journalism Program by two thirds of the votes of its members.

The Music Department at Paradise Valley Community College is committed to providing practical training in a wide variety  of musical fields that is accessible for students of  all levels. The department's year-round course offerings support those students who wish to continue their musical studies as a music major at a four-year institution or support students who wish to obtain a specific skill in a musical field. Further, course offerings also provide students with an opportunity to study music for pure enjoyment. In addition to regular courses, the music department enhances the cultural opportunities for the community at large by presenting a series of recitals, lectures, and workshops that feature local and nationally recognized artists. Whether a student aspires to become a concert pianist, a college music professor, a studio recording engineer, or a member of a community music group, the music department at PVCC offers the courses to help musicians achieve their artistic goals. Music Deparment Talent Waivers are intended to serve as a recruitment tool to encourage students interested in the fine and performing arts to attend Paradise Valley Community College.  In addition, these waivers can also foster student retention and persistence.  These scholarships serve as a means of acknowledging students out-of-class times for performances and rehearsals, and as a way to recognize student talent. Music Department Talent Waivers are awarded upon the completion of a performance audition with full-time PVCC music faculty, or upon the completion of a minimum of 12 hours in the commercial music program at an extremely high academic level and the recommendation of full-time PVCC music faculty, or based on the student's performance ability in a college music performance ensemble (which is by recommendation of the ensemble instructor/coach and consultation with PVCC full-time music faculty).

The PVCC Theatre Program offers a wide range of courses including stage and film acting, playwriting and screenwriting, technical production and makeup, modern drama and cinema studies.  Students can major in theatre and earn an Associate of Fine Arts in Theatre Degree.  During the fall and spring semesters the Theatre Program produces a Main Stage Production in the college's state-of-the-art Center for the Performing Arts where students can hone their talents as performers and technicians. Talent waivers are awarded each semester to students who are involved in technical aspects of Main Stage Theatre Program productions by engaging  in projects or assignments that go substantially beyond the basic course requirements of those productions, or of a related course that supports the productions.  Students interested in being considered for a talent waiver are interviewed by the Head of the Theatre Program and by theatre adjunct instructors or staff members where appropriate. Criteria includes: Indication of a strong desire to learn about theatre and related disciplines; Evidence of the basic skills needed to fulfill the project or assignment; Commitment to the production goals and schedule; Ability to work cooperatively with other members of the production. Award Areas include: Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Costume Supervisor or Seamstress, Makeup Design or Makeup Crew, Lighting Board Operator, Sound Board Operator, Sound or Lighting Design, Set Construction or Scenery Painting, Stage Properties, Stage Crew Member.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts Department at PVCC is dedicated to providing the best opportunity for students to acquire the foundation level skills in the traditional Visual Arts media such as painting, drawing, ceramics and sculpture. Faculty in the Visual Arts are all professional artists who show and sell their work, and who have strong experiential backgrounds that they can draw from when teaching their classes. In addition, the Visual Arts program provides students with the opportunity to learn new ways of applying the traditional materials and processes in non-traditional combinations so as to equip tomorrow’s artists with the relevant abilities to be creative in all media. The Tuition Waivers for students in the Visual Arts are to encourage serious students in the arts to continue their efforts to learn and grow as artists. Criteria for the Visual Arts Talent Waivers: Artwork is suggestive of a commitment to art that extends beyond the classroom. Artwork is expressive of the artist’s personal interests and ideas. Artwork exhibits technical competency. To apply students must submit the following: slide or digital portfolio of 10 recent works created over the past year. (photographs of artwork only; no actual artwork please, jpeg format). Application form. Resume.

The following funding opportunities are available to students regardless of their immigration status.  PVCC provides the listings below in an effort to assist our students and families.  PVCC does not endorse any private donor and does not guarantee the information they provide.

The following funding opportunities are available to students regardless of their immigration status.  PVCC provides the listings below in an effort to assist our students and families.  PVCC does not endorse any private donor and does not guarantee the information they provide.

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