Nurse Assistant

Nurse Assistant

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The Nursing Assistant Program (NUR158) at Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) is a four and a half (4.5) credit course that prepares students for a career in the nursing field. A Nursing Assistant (NA) is an important member of a healthcare team, who performs routine tasks within hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Their role in performing basic patient care assists the licensed staff, including registered and practical nurses, by providing quality nursing to the patient. Working as an NA can also be the first step that leads to other opportunities in the healthcare field.

For more information about the program, please review the Nursing Assistant Handbook and PVCC’s Nurse Assisting Certificate of Completion.

Upon completion of the program, a student can take exams for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA). Information about qualifications and exams can be located on the Arizona Board of Nursing’s website:

Dates To Submit Applications

Summer 2024 (May Start) 03/21/2024 – 04/19/2024

Summer 2024 (July Start) 03/21/2024 – 06/04/2024

Fall 2024 (August Start) 06/11/2024 – 07/25/2024

Fall 2024 (October Start) 08/26/2024 – 09/20/2024

Steps to Apply and Enroll:

  • Step 1: If you meet admission requirements provided on page 9 of the Nurse Assistant Handbook, then apply for admission to Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC)
  • Step 2: Gather Required Documents (see Health and Safety Requirements).
  • Step 3: Create an account with American DataBank (ADB)
    • Purchase the Background Check AND the 12-month Tracker for Immunizations/Compliance.
    • Do NOT purchase the Drug Screening at this time.
    • You must use your Maricopa email.
    • Upload all the Health and Safety Requirements to ADB.
    • The ADB team will approve/reject documents that do not meet the requirement and will leave comments within your account on how to become compliant.  Please note, the review process can take at least 3-5 business days.
    • Please follow these directions to transfer an ADB to PVCC from another college
  • Step 4: Once your ADB account shows as “compliant” as seen below (with the exception of the drug screen), you are eligible to submit the e-form online application to PVCC.
    • Applications sent by email will not be accepted or reviewed.
    • Applications must be received by the enrollment deadline.  There are no exceptions due to clinical agency compliance requirements.
    • Allow 5-7 business days (or longer during peak times) for the Nursing Department to review the application.  The notification will indicate approval and details about the next step of the process, OR a rejection notice with further details.
    • All communications will be sent to your Maricopa Student Email Account ( from

  • Step 5: After an application is accepted, you will randomly receive an email with details on how to purchase and complete the random Drug Screen that will need to be completed within 48 hours (no exception). 
  • Step 6: If you pass the drug screen AND submit the certificate per ADB directions, the Nursing Department will request enrollment from Admission and Records. 
    • Note: Find a Class is not immediately updated and can show seats available even if the last one just got filled.
    • Once this is completed, you will receive an email with further directions about Step 7 and 8.
  • Step 7: When prompted by email, create and pay for an account with myClinicalExchange (MCE).

    • You must use your Maricopa email.


  • Step 8: Link your mCE and ADB accounts so that the approved documents in ADB transfer to MCE
    • Once the application process closes, students will be placed into clinical rotations and you will receive an email through MCE.  If your MCE account is not compliant by the first day of class, you will be dropped from the course due to not being able to place you in a clinical rotation
    • Be sure to use the Nursing Assistant checklist, NOT the Nursing checklist 
    • For the English requirement, type yes
    • For Covid declination, type NA into the value fields

*Please note that students are responsible for payment before the due date in their Student Center. Students are also responsible for dropping the class prior to the Refund Deadline reported in their Student Center to avoid accrual of debt.

Questions? Email PVCC’s Nursing Program at for further information. If you need assistance with classes, please contact academic advisement