Puma Sprint Schedule

Puma Sprint Schedule

The Puma Sprint Schedule is an accelerated program for students who want to fast track their college courses. The courses are designed to meet the AGEC (Arizona General Education Curriculum | core courses) to transfer to the university.  Classes are taught in a hybrid 8 week format with math and sciences spanning the 16 week semester.  

The Puma Sprint Schedule will allow you to focus on classes two months at a time. The schedule is set up to sequence you through courses to meet your AGEC in a year and move to your AA the following year. These classes are set up in a hybrid format, which is a combination of in person instruction and activities paired with online coursework and supplemental instructional material delivered over 8-weeks.  Since we have set up your classes to sequence we are able to enroll you for the full year (Fall, Spring, & Summer).  This will guarantee your spot in the class eliminating your need to build your schedule each semester.  

Paws the puma with students.

Who should enroll in a Puma Sprint Schedule?

  • You are motivated to complete your certificate or degree quickly 
  • You need a defined schedule to work around your work/family schedule
  • You need a degree but overwhelmed with what to take

sprint schedule

Fast Track Option
You will have opportunities to complete Associate programs in 18 to 24 months.

Year-Long Enrollment
Classes start every 8 weeks. You will be enrolled for the full year of courses.

Guaranteed to Make
Priority is placed on these courses to make each semester.


Scheduling Options

Morning Option: 
9:00am - 12:20pm

Sample Morning Schedule

Afternoon Option:
10:30am - 2:20pm

Sample Afternoon Schedule

Evening Option: 
6:00pm - 8:45pm 

Evening students will complete an ABUS (Associate in Business)

Sample Evening Schedule
How will PVCC help me succeed?

How will PVCC help me succeed?

  • Free Student Laptop Checkout
  • Limited Hotspot Check out
  • Free Tutoring
  • Online Class management - Canvas
    • Shows my assignments
    • Shows my grades
    • Gives me quick access to my instructor
    • Access to my classmates
  • Regular communication with my Advisor

Yes, I am ready to sign up!