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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

For all residency statuses, the tuition rates listed below apply to each credit hour plus a $15 registration fee per semester and any additional course fees. Since course fees do vary from class to class, please reference your college’s 2022-23 academic year catalog for more information.

*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Type of Residency Status Cost Per Credit/Clock

Maricopa County Resident + / ++

All Maricopa County residents and other Arizona counties, not including Apache and Greenlee, are eligible due to reciprocal agreements with each county.

$85 per credit hour

Maricopa County Senior Resident (audit or credit)

All Maricopa County residents aged 65 or older are eligible, but only for courses having seats available as of the second day of class.

$42.50 per credit hour

Out-of-County Resident

Residents of Apache and Greenlee counties without an Out‐of‐County Residence Affidavit.

$472 per credit hour

*$85 per credit plus $387 surcharge

Out-of-State Resident—Residing in Arizona

Out-of-state residents residing in Arizona who do not qualify for in-state residency.

$326 per credit hour

Out-of-state Resident

  • Online Out-of-State Residents
  • Out-of-State Active Military and Veterans

$250 per credit hour -OR-

$2,750 per semester (flat rate with 12 credits or more)

$241 per credit hour

Distance Learning/Online +++/++++ $241 per credit hour
Western Undergraduate Exchange Program (WUE) +++++ $127.50 per credit hour
Out-of-state Military and Veterans Online Tuition

$225 per credit -OR-

$2,700 per semester (12 credits or more)

Clock Hour

$5-6 per clock hour

*Program costs are estimated based on the average number of clock hours to complete the program.

Please note the following information:

+Students from any other county in Arizona are considered Maricopa County residents (in county) due to a reciprocal arrangement with that county. Reciprocal agreements allow for in-county tuition rates for residents of all Arizona counties except Apache or Greenlee counties without an Out-of-County Residence Affidavit.

++According to ARS §15-1802F, “A person who is a member of an Indian tribe recognized by the US Department of the Interior whose reservation lies in this state and extends into another state and who is a resident of the reservation is entitled to classification as an in-state student.” Therefore, unclassified and out-of-state surcharges do not apply to such students.

+++ According to ARS §15-1470, community college districts may offer credit and noncredit courses and services outside of this state. A district is not entitled to state aid payments for students who are provided courses and services outside of this state.

++++This rate applies to out-of-state students who are taking distance learning courses or students who are taking classroom-based credit courses through a contract agreement between MCCCD and the company they work for. This rate does not apply to Study Abroad Programs as there is a separately calculated rate for those students.

+++++The educational consortium sponsored by Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) allows out-of-state students to take courses offered by MCCCD and pay tuition of 150% of in-state tuition in accordance with state statute. Likewise, Maricopa County residents may attend institutions in other states and pay 150% of the resident tuition rate. This rate also applies to distance learning classes taken by eligible non-resident out of state students.

Residency for Tuition Purposes:

All students are classified for tuition purposes under one of the following residency classifications:

Residency for tuition purposes is determined in accordance with state law (A.R.S.15-1801et seq.) and regulations of the Maricopa Community Colleges Governing Board. The process to prove your residency is detailed here. For more information on residency requirements and the criteria used, please visit the MCCCD website.

New guidelines from the State of Arizona explicitly state our responsibilities in establishing residency and eligibility requirements for all students seeking admissions, financial aid, and other college services. Download and print those guidelines here. We have also provided the list of acceptable documentation for students seeking to establish residency status.