Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment through Paradise Valley Community College – The College embracing the “Power of Learning”!

Dual enrollment is a program that provides the opportunity for able and ambitious high school students (primarily juniors and seniors) to earn both high school and college credits. Through Dual Enrollment students can take specified college level courses at the high school during regular school hours and can:

  • Earn college and high school credit simultaneously

  • Save money on college tuition and textbooks

  • Reduce college completion time

  • Eliminate duplication of coursework during the freshman year of college.

* Agreement is authorized under the Arizona Revised Statues (A.R.S) §11-952, §15-342(13) and §15-1444(B)(4), and §ARS15-1821.01.

Dual Enrollment courses let students begin their college career in a convenient and affordable way. So why wait? Earning college credit now is one of the smartest moves a high school student can make. Each of our school district partnerships has somewhat different application procedures so please follow the link to your high school. See which dual enrollment courses are available at your high school.