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Payment Plan Information

Payment Plan Information

The Maricopa County Community Colleges offer an automatic monthly payment plan that allows students to split up their tuition costs for payment throughout the semester. The payment plan is managed by Nelnet Campus Commerce.
Plan Details

  • $40 will be charged when starting the plan
    • $15 will apply toward the tuition balance
    • $25 is a payment plan registration fee paid to Nelnet, this fee is non-refundable
  • A separate payment plan needs to be created for each semester and each college the student is attending
  • Automatic payments will begin on the month after starting the plan
  • Payments are withdrawn on the 5th of the month
    • If the 5th is a weekend or holiday the payment will be withdrawn the next business day
  • The number of payments will depend on when the plan is started and when the student’s classes end
  • The maximum number of payments in a semester is 6
  • The tuition balance on the student account will be split evenly across the remaining payments
  • If classes are added or subtracted from the student’s schedule, the monthly payments will automatically increase or decrease appropriately
  • If a class is dropped after the deadline to receive a refund, the tuition for that class is still owed, and the payment plan will not be stopped or adjusted

Payment Methods

  • Checking/Savings Account
    • Please note that the process to withdraw funds may begin earlier than the payment due date if using this method
  • Credit/Debit Card
    • If the card is canceled or expired it can be updated online through the Nelnet website
    • It is not possible to change to someone else’s card partway through the plan
  • The payment plan requires a payment method that allows funds to be withdrawn automatically
    • Cash cannot be used for the payment plan


  • Nelnet will assess a $30 fee if an attempted payment does not clear
    • This fee is not collected by the college and will not apply toward the tuition balance
  • The missed payment will be reattempted on the 20th of the month, or the next business day if the 20th is a weekend or holiday
  • Multiple missed payments may lead to termination of the payment plan
    • A terminated plan may result in classes being dropped, or a debt that restricts services
    • Terminated plans cannot be reactivated
  • Nelnet may terminate a payment plan immediately if they discover that the account used for automatic payments has been closed

Steps to Enroll

  • Log in to your student center at my.maricopa.edu
  • Underneath your Account Summary, select “my payment options/manage my payment plan”
  • Select the college and term that you want to create a plan for, this will open the Nelnet website
  • You may need to verify that the information such as addresses and phone numbers from your student account is accurate
  • When you are taken to the screen which says “Payment Plan & Billing”, select “Set up a Payment Plan”

Fall 2022 Payment Plan Available on March 7, 2022

If your Fall classes end after December 5th you will have the options listed below

Payment Plan Enrollment Period Required down payment Number of Payments Months of payments
March 7‐March 25 $15 6 April‐Sept
March 26‐April 25 $15 6 May‐Oct
April 26‐May 25 $15 6 June‐Nov
May 26‐June 23 $15 6 July‐Dec
June 24‐July 27 $15 5 Aug‐Dec
July 28‐Aug 25 $15 4 Sept‐Dec
Aug 26‐Sept 26 $15 3 Oct‐Dec
Sept 27‐ Oct 27 $15 2 Nov & Dec
Oct 28‐Nov 22 $15 1 December only

Spring 2023 Payment Plan Available on March 7, 2022

If your Spring classes end after May 5th you will have the options listed below

Payment Plan Enrollment Period Required down payment Number of Payments Months of payments
Sept 27‐Oct 27 $15 6 Nov‐April
Oct 28‐Nov 22 $15 6 Dec‐May
Nov 23‐Dec 23 $15 5 Jan‐May
Dec 24‐Jan 26 $15 4 Feb‐May
Jan 27‐Feb 23 $15 3 March‐May
Feb 24‐March 27 $15 2 April & May
March 28‐April 25 $15 1 May only


  • All down payments and enrollments fees are processed immediately!
  • The above schedule is subject to change without notice.
  • Payment options are specific to each student’s class schedule and the date the plan is established.
  • Please contact Student Business Services for more information.
  • All payment plans must be set up prior to your tuition due date.

If you need further assistance, please contact PVCC’s Student Business Services office at 602-787-7350, or by email at sbs@paradisevalley.edu