Testing Center Info for Students/Instructors

Testing Center Info for Students/Instructors

Accommodations for Students with Documented Disabilities

Testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities are arranged through the office of Disability Resources and Services.

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Faculty Make up Exams

If you are unable to complete a scheduled classroom test it very important that alternative test-taking options be discussed with your instructor as soon as possible.  All make-up tests administered in the Testing Center must be pre-approved by your instructor.  Tests are administered according to the faculty instructions, including time for the test and when the tests are available.

Exams are administered by appointment only. Use the button below to schedule your appointment at our Testing Center. Please include your MEID or Student ID number when scheduling. 

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Instructor Information about the Assessment/Testing Center

Instructor Exam Request Form

  1. The Assessment/Testing Center can accommodate any student who is unable to test in the classroom because of an accident, illness, or other excused absence from class. Students who are ill should not test in the testing center until they are no longer contagious (for example, chicken pox or strep throat.) Contagious diseases put not only Test Center staff at risk but also any other students testing here, who will then take that illness back to their other classes. Help us all stay well!
  2. The Assessment/Testing Center cannot accommodate entire classes unless the class is an alternate delivery course (hybrid, etc.) This includes final exams. Seating is limited and during busy times students may have to wait for an available desk or computer station.
  3. To have your test(s) administered by the Assessment/Testing Center, fill out an Instructor Exam Request Form with instructions on how your test should be administered. This information includes test name, time limits, aids allowed, special instructions, student names, deadlines, etc. We cannot make copies of tests so please bring enough for all students testing. File space is limited. Each instructor will have one letter-sized hanging file reserved for his or her tests.
  4. Computer Based Testing is available for students who are testing through Canvas. We can also accommodate students who need to type essay tests in a MS Word document or use other MS Office applications such as Excel or Access.
  5. Photo ID is required of all instructors when picking up any test materials. Students will not be allowed to drop off, pick up, or remove test materials from the testing center. We also do not accept items for student pickup such as graded homework, handouts, etc.
  6. The Testing Center does not accept students' homework assignments or other materials. We will direct students to the instructor's mailbox to turn in homework and other assignments.
  7. All students will be asked for Photo ID when taking any test in the testing center. If a student does not have a Photo ID, instructor identification of the student is acceptable.
  8. Students must schedule an appointment to take their exam. All tests will be collected and students will be asked to leave at the scheduled closing time. Students choosing to test with less than the time allowed by their instructor will be asked to sign a waiver. Students will not be permitted to return at a later time to complete a test they have started or seen without permission from the instructor.
  9. If you need to leave a test outside our office hours there is a drop box to the left of the office doors. The Request Form (cover sheet) is in the rack next to it for your convenience. You can also email tests to assessment@paradisevalley.edu. Either way make sure to include the Request Form information including the names of students taking the test.
  10. Students with documented disabilities who require accommodations must register with Disability Resources and Services. All accommodated testing is coordinated by DRS. Contact them if you have questions regarding testing a student with accommodations.