Political Science

Political Science

Program Overview

At all times, the political climate calls for skilled interpreters to help the public navigate new information, policies, and current events. These shepherds take the form of social science research assistants, political reporters and correspondents, political scientists, and lawyers.

As a student of the Political Science program, you’ll have the opportunity to take your passion for political science and liberal arts to a local, national, or global level. Learn how to define, defend, and critique political concepts, systems, and theories while demonstrating effective communication skills for a diverse world.

"Political ideology can corrupt the mind, and science."

Edward O. Wilson

Do you know how to recognize corruption?

POS100 -- Introduction to Political Science

POS110 -- American National Government

POS115 -- Issues in American Politics

POS120 -- World Politics

POS210 -- Political Ideologies

POS220 -- U.S. and Arizona Constitution

POS221 -- Arizona Constitution

POS222 -- U.S. Constitution

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