Program Overview

Anthropology is the study of humankind — understanding who we are, how we came to be, and why we act as we do. Studying our non-human relatives (e.g., monkeys and apes) helps us understand the biological basis of our behaviors and highlights what makes us unique. In studying anthropology, we are able to critically examine ourselves and evaluate how we can help solve today’s global issues. If this area of study interests you, consider enrolling in the Anthropology program.

This program will help you develop sharp critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are required in professions where you examine human data, build research partnerships, provide health services, participate in educational programs, and work across various disciplines. Upon completing this program, you will learn how to bring awareness of human culture, biology, and history to complex issues facing the world today. These in-demand skills are highly valued by employers across a variety of sectors, including government, health and human services, private businesses, cultural resource management, museums, universities, and independent research institutes.

ASB 100 Intro to Global Health

ASB 102 Intro to Cultural Anthropology

ASB 202 Ethnic Relations in the U.S.

ASB 211 Women in Other Cultures

ASB 214 Magic, Witchcraft & Healing

ASB 223 Buried Cities/Lost Tribes: New World

ASB 253 Death/Dying Across Cultures

ASM 104 Bones, Stones and Human Evolution

ASM 275  Forensic Anthropology

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