The Humanities are the study of human history, including the art, literature, architecture, music, philosophy, religion, theatre, and film from the earliest Prehistoric Era to our contemporary world. The Humanities provide us with not just a look into the past or present, but also gives us insights and understandings into diverse cultures and civilizations throughout human history. This provides us with a better understanding of where we came from, who we are today, and what we share with other cultures as well as to help us understand what makes each culture and time period unique and fascinating. The Humanities also teaches us how history and the arts build on one another as well as being interrelated. The arts can be a fascinating study of history as they often reflect what is important to a civilization or society at any given time. Through the study of the Humanities, we understand ourselves and each other much better. In other words, the Humanities are what make us human.


HUM courses:

HUM108 Contemporary Humanities

HUM205 Introduction to Cinema

HUM209 Women and Film

HUM210 Contemporary Cinema

HUM211AA Foreign Films: Classics

HUM216 The Films and Career of Alfred Hitchcock

HUM220 History and Film

HUM245: Introduction to Holocaust Studies

HUM250: Ideas and Values in the Humanities: Early Civilizations to the Renaissance

HUM251: Ideas and Values in the Humanities: Renaissance to the Contemporary World