The PVCC Department of History

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana

Don't condemn yourself, learn about history.

HIS100 -- History of Western Civilization to the Middle Ages
HIS101 -- History of Western Civilization, Middle Ages to 1789
HIS102 -- History of Western Civilization 1789 to Present
HIS103 -- U.S. History to 1870
HIS104 -- U.S. History 1870 to Present
HIS106 -- Southwest History
HIS110 -- World History to 1500-
HIS111 -- World History 1500 to Present
HIS113 -- History of Eastern Civilization to 1850
HIS114 -- History of Eastern Civilization, 1850 to Present
HIS201 -- History of Women in America
HIS203 -- African-American History I
HIS273 -- U.S. Experience in Vietnam
HIS277 -- The Modern Middle East

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