Learning Communities

Learning Communities

Interested in beginning your college work in an integrated, supportive environment? Consider enrolling in a Learning Community at PVCC.
A Learning Community (LC) is an innovative approach to teaching and learning that links the curriculum in two or three different classes. When students enroll in a Learning Community, they take these classes together, in a block.  This creative approach provides more student-student interaction, more faculty-student interaction, and more connection between students and the college.  
How it Works
Connecting with others makes learning more fun and attainable. Two or three classes are bridged with overlapping assignments and projects, and coordinated homework and tests, helping students develop an even deeper understanding of the subject matter.

  • Work collaboratively in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.
  • Greater interaction with instructors and organized study groups.
  • Strengthen critical thinking skills while exploring topics in depth.
  • Excel with team building strategies – a key skill employees seek in new hires.

What Students Say
PVCC students who have participated in our Learning Communities programs in the past say the unique approach increased their motivation to learn and their learning was more meaningful.

“I like learning communities. They seem to unify and motivate our ability to be successful.”
“The learning community was one of the most effective ways to learn I have ever encountered.”
“I believe I learned more information and will be able to retain more information after completing these courses.”

Check it out!
Contact Dr. David M. Pegram, david.pegram@paradisevalley.edu