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Interested in beginning your college work in an integrated, supportive environment?

Innovative combinations of courses emphasize learning through making connections among students, teachers and courses.

  • Develop friendships and support groups as you learn together with the same group of students.
  • Experience a well-coordinated homework and testing schedule so you are not overwhelmed by competing course demands.
  • Practice team building; a major skill employers look for in new hires.
  • Strengthen your critical thinking skills as you explore topics in depth.

Students who have been a part of Learning Communities programs report that they were highly motivated to learn, found their learning to be meaningful, and as a result, experienced success in school.

A Learning Community (LC) is an innovative approach to learning that links or integrates two classes.  Students enroll in a block of 2 courses (4 – 6 credit hours) during the semester.

A cohort of students and faculty work collaboratively in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  This creative approach provides more student-student interaction, more faculty-student interaction, and more connection between students and the college.

"Leadership That Makes A Difference"
(5 credits)

This Learning Community is designed for Honors students who are interested in developing and improving their leadership skills. Through readings, formal lectures from outstanding scholars, discussions, service learning, and many hands-on activities, we will discover universal leadership principles and skills and apply them to our own lives. Prerequisites: Admission to the PVCC Honors Program or permission of the
*Total of 5 credits-students must co-enroll in all sections

HUM190  AA Honors Forum 1
CPH 34772    KSC 185    MW 10:30-11:45A    M Auten

HUM190AB Honors Forum 1
CPH 34773    KSC 185    MW 10:30-11:45A   M Auten

HUM190AC Honors Forum* 1
CPH 34774    KSC 185   MW 10:30-11:45A    M Auten
*additional course fee of: $10

LDR101 Emerging Leaders I* 2
CH 34967      KSC 208 as follows...    J Rubin
*additional course fee of : $75

Contact : Counseling: (602) 787-6540

"Exploring Psychology Through Writing"
(6 credits)

This Learning Community will help students better understand some of their life experiences. They will be given the opportunity to share their ideas and explore their behaviors through writing. They will be able to relate the concepts learned in psychology to their "real lives" which may help them gain insights and/or skills in problem solving. This Learning Community will introduce and help develop fundamental skills such as reading college level textbooks, writing formal and informal papers, engaging in collaborative learning, conducting research, and participating in oral presentations. These critical skills will be explained, reinforced, and applied in both classes. The students will also be a part of a classroom environment that is welcoming and safe which will help build their confidence.
Total of 6 credits -- students must co-enroll in both sections:

*Total of 6 credits — students must co-enroll in both sections:

PSY101 Introduction to Psychology 3
34285     M 105     MW     10:30-11:45A    K Walker

ENG101 First Year Composition* 3
34918     M 132     MW 12:30-1:45P     C Tabone
*Additional Course Fee $5

Contact: Kathleen Walker (602) 787.7307

Christine Tabone (602) 787.6798

Students say:

“I like learning communities.  They seem to unify and motivate our ability to be successful.”

“The learning community was one of the most effective ways to learn I have ever encountered.”

“I believe I learned more information and will be able to retain more information after completing these courses.”