Learning Communities

Interested in beginning your college work in an integrated, supportive environment?

Innovative combinations of courses emphasize learning through making connections among students, teachers and courses.

  • Experience a well-coordinated homework and testing schedule so you are not overwhelmed by competing course demands.
  • Practice team building; a major skill employers look for in new hires.
  • Strengthen your critical thinking skills as you explore topics in depth.
  • Opportunities are numerous for study groups, interaction with faculty, integration of assignments, group projects, and development of team building skills.
  • The cohort structure offers a community atmosphere and an opportunity to build relationships with other new students on campus.
  • Co-curricular elements help increase academic preparedness for future college coursework.

Students who have been a part of Learning Communities programs report that they were highly motivated to learn, found their learning to be meaningful, and as a result, experienced success in school.

A Learning Community (LC) is an innovative approach to learning that links or integrates two classes.  Students enroll in a block of 2 courses (4 – 6 credit hours) during the semester.

A cohort of students and faculty work collaboratively in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  This creative approach provides more student-student interaction, more faculty-student interaction, and more connection between students and the college.

Students say:

“I like learning communities. They seem to unify and motivate our ability to be successful.”

“The learning community was one of the most effective ways to learn I have ever encountered.”

“I believe I learned more information and will be able to retain more information after completing these courses.”