Child Care Program

Child Care Program

This program is intended to provide financial assistance to low-income, parent students to enroll their child or children in high quality childcare centers located in PVCC service area.


  • Develop and provide parental education and resources to participating parent students
  • Provide academic support, advising and other wrap-around services to participating students and their child or children
  • Provide professional development and credentialing support to partnering childcare centers

General Eligibility:

Children- The age range for the dependent eligible children must be from birth to 6 years

  • The child or children of the applicant must be a legal dependent, which includes children by birth or adoption, foster children and children by court order; this program is only available to the legal, dependent children of eligible applicant.

Parent- To be eligible to apply and participate in the program, an applicant must

  • Be Pell-grant eligible and must have a completed FAFSA on file at the Financial Aid Office
  • Have demonstrated need and have childcare costs directly related to their being a student at PVCC
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours at the time of applying and maintain at least six credit hours to continue to participate in the program.
  • Not be receiving substantial childcare support from other sources

Activities and Benefits:

Your child has the opportunity to:

  • Develop and practice social skills
  • Think, reason, question and experiment
  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Acquire language skills
  • Develop positive health, safety and nutritional habits
  • Express creativity
  • Learn about cultural diversity
  • Learn self-help skills
  • Develop a sense of responsibility and independence
  • Participate in a structured, pre-school program that offers learning activities throughout the day
  • Receive meals and snacks

Financial Assistance:

  • Parents with one eligible child will receive a maximum amount of $375 a month.
  • Parents with two eligible children will receive a maximum of $600 a month.

Registration Dates:

  • Fall semester registration for new children begins the 1st Monday in May.
  • Spring semester registration for new children begins the 1st Monday in December.
  • Summer Registration for new children begins the 1st Monday in April.

Registration is continuous until all space is filled.

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