Adult Re-entry

Adult Re-entry

For a few years now we have witnessed a phenomenal increase in the number of adults who are first-time or returning college students.  The reasons are many, and there is compelling evidence that this enrollment trend will continue.  We are here to help.  For those of you who are considering PVCC, you will find here some resources and strategies for your successful entry to college and college studies.

Personal Growth

Counseling for students who may experience personal, family, school, or work problems.  Short-term counseling is available for students at no cost.  Referral sources are also available.

Career Counseling

Individual career counseling is available to assist students in career decision making.  Career interest testing is included in this service for a nominal fee.

Educational Counseling

Counseling and advisement are provided to assist new-to-college students with choosing a major and the selection of courses for the completion of certificate and/or degree programs. Advisement is also provided to students who only want to take clusters of courses for work advancement, to become employment ready or for personal enrichment.