Student Grievance Process

Grievance Process

PVCC Student Grievance (Complaint) Process Overview

Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) strives to provide students with quality instruction, programs, and services. PVCC and its employees make every effort to serve students courteously and efficiently, including acting in accordance with district and college policies and state and federal laws. Students who are dissatisfied with a campus policy or the conduct of a college employee may bring a grievance (complaint), an informal (verbal) or forma (written) notice of the concern to the attention of the appropriate faculty, staff, or administrator at any time. Depending on the grievance, the reporting process will involve one of the following:

  • Academic Instructional Grievance - Grading, testing, or assignments, etc.

  • Non-Academic (Student Affairs, Administrative Services, Follet Book Store, Puma Cafe and similar on campus services.)

  • Discrimination/Title IX  Complaint Process (Discrimination/Harassment)

Listed on the left are the grievance procedures available to students who wish to file a grievance at PVCC for any of the three categories. If you have a grievance, please use the reporting processes as listed in the section. Instructional policy requires that students begin at the lowest level possible, or with the instructor. We encourage the same for non-instructional grievances.