DAC Awards

DAC Awards

DAC 2022 - "American Indian Student Resources Website Developers" - Andrea Macias-Murrieta, Courtney Billy, Dwayne Norton, Pam Cosay, Demetria Shepherd, Mike Ho, Jay Sloan, Kevin Smith, Norma Chandler, Versha Anderson & Marc Varner



DAC 2021 - "Dr. Norma Chandler & Dr. Versha Anderson" for leading the Take Action College Team and DEIE efforts at PVCC

DAC 2020 - "Foster Youth"

DAC 2019 - "Festival of Tails"

DAC 2018“Student Life & Leadership” – Mike Ho, Rowdy Duncan, and Ryan Martin

DAC 2017 – “Black History Month” – Artamus Coleman, Ken Clarke, Umar Shariff, Tony DeShay, Ryan Martin, Brian Quarles, Sandra Miller-Holst, Iris Hudson, Cheryl Brinson, Dawn Higgins, and Mitli Fulwood

DAC2016 - "Lunar New Year" Lili Kang and Paula Crossman 

DAC 2015“Diwali Lights” Vaswati Ghosh, Rowdy Duncan, Mike Ho,  Catherine Mendoza, Dale Heuser, and Geneva Patterson (student)

DAC 2014 – “Project Civil Discourse – Take 2 Activism” - John Chavez, Kande Mickelsen and Cindy Nieves representing The Buxton Library, Michele Marion and David Bradley

DAC 2013 - PVCC BUS/IT & Fresh Start Women’s Foundation – Dina Preston-Ortiz, Norma Chandler, Dominic Bartola, Sue VanBoven, Roxanne Ruiz , Reyes Medrano, and Jamie Starner

DAC 2012 – “The Medrano Project” – Reyes Medrano and others

DAC 2011 – “Desperado Film Festival” – Dale Heuser and others

DAC 2010 – The Human Factor, Faces of Migration Committee ­– PVCC Buxton Library Staff

DAC 2009 – Serve, Learn, Inspire, Change, Educate (SLICE) – Honors Program and Paula Vaugh

DAC 2008 – “Division of Fine & Performing Arts” – Chris Scinto and Fine Arts Faculty and Staff

DAC 2007 – “Michele Marion” for her work on World Religions and Refugees