Faculty Diversity Projects

Faculty Diversity Projects

PVCC Faculty Selected for Diversity Infusion Program

Two PVCC faculty members have been selected for the Maricopa District Diversity Infusion Program for 2009-2010. ESL Faculty Leila Palis and Communication Faculty Felicia Ramirez began working on their projects this summer, which focus on infusing diversity issues and sensitivities into the classroom. 

Palis is introducing diversity into ESL 097 (Fundamentals of Writing for English Language Learners) through a series of video clips, presentations and readings in which students will investigate the complexity of developing one's cultural identity. 

“Students will be encouraged to explore their own cultural identities and share their discoveries in various writing projects and in a final portfolio,” she says. “The goal is that students develop a stronger sense of self, a greater appreciation of their peers and an understanding that diversity should be embraced, shared and celebrated.”

Ramirez is focusing on multiculturalism in her COM 100 (Introduction to Human Communication) course. Through team discussions and interactions, her goal is to help students learn the importance of listening by using inclusive language and how to effectively present their personal views. 

“I hope students can understand culture, take ownership of their personal belief systems, learn to value cultural differences and use effective communication to bridge the gaps between each other,” she says.

Bjork Presents Paper on Somali Bantu

Anthropology Faculty Stephanie R. Bjork recently presented a paper at the American Anthropological Association’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Her paper, “We are Somali Bantu! Reclaiming and Embracing a Marginalized Identity in the Diaspora,” is based on her ongoing research among the Somali Bantu community in Phoenix. She began her work last summer with the support of a 2009 Summer Project Grant

Roccaforte Explores Creativity in New Book

PVCC Counseling Faculty Marianne Roccaforte has published a chapter in a newly released book, Perspectives on Creativity, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing. The chapter, "Seeing Into the World: The Artist's Imagination in Everyday Life," is from her dissertation research about highly creative people.

The book, edited by Lynn DellaPietra, associate professor of psychology at Holy Family University, is the result of the 2008 Perspectives on Creativity Conference. It is an interdisciplinary look at human creativity from the viewpoints of the artist, therapist, neuroscientist, educator, psychologist, and philosopher. Roccaforte and other academics address themes of the creative process including the development and characteristics of creativity, the healing power of creativity, society’s influences on creativity, and the relationship between creativity and mental health.