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All PVCC employees, students and visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings while indoors and practice social distancing while on campus. How to report Coronavirus (Covid19)

About Us

Learning is the core value of Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC). PVCC encourages and supports learning at three levels—student, employee, and organizational—and the integrative relationship between the three levels. Learning at PVCC means increasing the capacity of our students, our employees, and the college itself to achieve their goals. As a learning centered college, PVCC is committed to providing an environment conducive to teaching, learning, and student success.

Students may be referred to the Student CARE and Conduct Office when faculty or students are concerned about the success of a student (i.e. financial, personal, or academic) or when a student’s behavior in and out of the classroom violates the Student Code of Conduct or other college policy or regulation. We recognize that the learning takes place outside of the classroom so the conversations that we have with students are intended to be informative, educational, developmental, and utilize critical thinking.

The student conduct process is designed to be one where guidance and reflection help students understand why institution, college, and classroom rules exist and what happens when these rules are not followed. Students are provided an opportunity to learn from the situation that brought them to the attention of the Student CARE and Conduct Office with an emphasis on personal growth and community restoration through Restorative Justice practices such as shuttle diplomacy, facilitated dialogue, and mediation

These integrated processes allow for students to learn from encountered situations without the need for a formal conduct process and follow MCCD Student Conduct Disciplinary Standards.

  • In developing responsible student conduct, the Maricopa Community Colleges prefer mediation, guidance, admonition and example.
  • However, when these means fail to resolve problems of student conduct and responsibility, appropriate disciplinary procedures will be followed. (2.5.1 Disciplinary Standards)