The Music Department at Paradise Valley Community College is committed to providing practical training in a wide variety of musical fields that is accessible for students of all levels. The department’s year-round course offerings support those students who wish to continue their musical studies as a music major at a four-year institution or support students who wish to obtain a specific skill in a musical field. Further, course offerings also provide students with an opportunity to study music for pure enjoyment.

In addition to regular courses, the music department enhances the cultural opportunities for the community at large by presenting a series of recitals, lectures, and workshops that feature local and nationally recognized artists. Whether a students aspires to become a concert pianist, a college music professor, a studio recording engineer, or a member of a community music group, the music department at PVCC offers the courses to help musicians achieve their artistic goals.


MHL - Music Humanities - Music Survey courses in American, Classical, Jazz, Rock and World Music

MTC - Music Theory & Composition - Courses in Music Theory, Aural Percpetion, Composition, Songwriting and Electronic Music

MUC - Commercial Music - Courses in Studio Recording, Live Sound Reinforcement, Audio Mixing and Editing, DJ Techniques, Internships

MUP - Music Performance - Private and Group Lessons, Small and Large Ensembles in Classical, Jazz, Vocal and Contemporary Music

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