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Music Industry Studies

In the Music Industry Studies Program at PVCC, students have the opportunity to select a mix of classes that align with what they’re passionate about learning.  From mixing audio behind the scenes to performing on stage, our 6 music areas touch on all aspects of the music industry.

Music Industry Studies

Students will immerse themselves into the framework of the music industry by taking courses in studio recording, digital audio, live sound and the business of music, with additional offerings in music performance, songwriting, and production. 

PVCC is not only dedicated to teaching employable music skills, but also to providing hands-on experience for our students.  Throughout the school year, students have access to cutting-edge equipment and have the opportunity to work on our Fine Arts sponsored shows.  Students pursuing coursework in Music Industry Studies (MIS) will have access to and the ability to participate with:

  • Professional Recording Studio
  • Concert Production
  • State Of The Art Music Equipment
  • Live Performances
  • Visiting Artists Recitals, Lectures And Workshops

Turn Your Love Of Music Into A Career

Music is not what you do, it’s who you are.  You know you want to break into the music scene and make a career out of it, but how?  The Music Industry Studies Program at PVCC is designed to provide training for students who wish to do just that. We help students turn their passion for music into a career and teach them how to make a living doing it!

Contact the Music Industry Studies Program for additional information at 602.787.6595 or by sending us an email to: