World Languages

World Languages

Mission of the PVCC World Languages Program:

The mission of the PVCC world languages program is to instruct students in the knowledge and use of the world languages we offer, especially within the different cultural contexts in which they exist and are used. These courses will help students develop the skills to read, write, speak and understand the language they are studying at the class-appropriate level, but to give also them insight into the cultural aspects of their target language so that they have a fuller comprehension of language as not only a phenomenon of human communication, but as a major component of human cultures and societies.

Language Courses at PVCC:

  • American Sign Language (ASL):
    • ASL101: American Sign Language I
    • ASL102: American Sign Language II
    • ASL201: American Sign Language III
    • ASL202: American Sign Language IV
  • Japanese (JPN):
    • JPN101: Elementary Japanese I  (Gen Ed designation: G)
    • JPN102: Elementary Japanese II  (Gen Ed designation: G)
  • Spanish (SPA):
    • SPA101: Elementary Spanish I (Gen Ed designation: G)
    • SPA102: Elementary Spanish II   (Gen Ed designation: G)
    • SPA201: Intermediate Spanish I   (Gen Ed designation: G)
    • SPA202: Intermediate Spanish II  (Gen Ed designation: G)

Language-Related Culture/Ethnic Studies-Related Classes (In English):

  • SPH245: Hispanic Heritage in the Southwes
    Gen Ed designations: C and HU
  • This class is taught in English, and is survey course on the Hispanic heritage in the Southwest.  It explores Hispanic cultural and social institutions and their contribution to the continuing development of the region and its heritage.

If you have any questions about this program or these courses, please contact:

Dr. David C. RubĂ­
Residential Faculty, Spanish and Spanish Humanities
Phone: 602-787-6578