Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Mission of the PVCC Religious Studies Program:

PVCC’s Religious Studies program's mission is to immerse students in the diverse religious traditions, practices, and beliefs that have shaped human societies across the globe. Our courses aim to foster a deep understanding of the historical, cultural, and philosophical dimensions of religions, promoting an environment of empathy, curiosity, and scholarly inquiry. Students will gain insights into the central teachings, rituals, and narratives of various religious traditions. Through their studies, students will not only develop a nuanced understanding of the diverse religious landscapes but will also recognize the profound ways in which religions influence, and are influenced by, the broader currents of human history and culture.

Religious Studies at PVCC:

• REL100: World Religions (Gen Ed designation: G, H)

• REL 201: Classics of Western Religions HU (Gen Ed designation: HU)

• REL 202: Classics of Asian Religions (Gen Ed designation: G, H)

• REL270: Introduction to Christianity (Gen Ed designation: HU)

Residential Faculty (Full-time):

• Nicholas Byle PhD, e-mail:

Adjunct Faculty:

•  Mevin Joshi, e-mail: