Mission of the PVCC Philosophy Program:

PVCC’s Philosophy program’s mission is to guide students in the exploration and understanding of foundational philosophical concepts, thinkers, and traditions from around the world. Our courses aim to foster rigorous analytical thinking, ethical reflection, and informed discourse on the fundamental questions of existence, knowledge, and value. Students will learn to develop and articulate their own positions to such foundational questions. Students will not only learn to critically, yet civilly, engage with diverse philosophical positions and evaluate the assumptions of other disciplines, but gain insight into how philosophy shapes, and is shaped by, broader historical and cultural contexts.

Philosophy courses at PVCC:

•  PHI101: Introduction to Philosophy (Gen Ed designation: HU)

•  PHI103: Introduction to Logic (Gen Ed designation: HU, L)

•  PHI104: World Philosophy (Gen Ed designations: G, HU)

•  PHI105: Introduction to Ethics (Gen Ed designation: HU)

•  PHI212: Contemporary Moral Issues (Gen Ed designation: HU)

•  PHI213: Medical and Bioethics (Gen Ed designation: HU

•  PHI216: Environmental Ethics (Gen Ed designation: HU)

Residential Faculty (Full-time):

• Nicholas Byle PhD, e-mail:

Adjunct Faculty:

•  Hassan Ajami, e-mail:

•  Justin Anderson, e-mail:

•  Mevin Joshi, e-mail:

•  Keith Madedonski, e-mail: