Student Government

Student Government

Student Government represents PVCC’s student body when bringing issues and concerns to the college’s administrators. Elected by their peers, PVCC’s student government body includes five officers – chair, vice-chair, public relations, registrar, and treasurer. The purpose is to give students an open forum to feel heard and understood in order to thrive.

All public meetings will be held the second and fourth Monday of every month at 12:30PM in the KSC Club room.

Elections are held in April for the following academic year.

Meet the 2023-2024 Student Government Officers!

Sandra Al Hames - Chair * Conducts all meetings and is responsible for the coordination and integration of all activities and duties of the officers, members and volunteers of the Student Government.

Viviana Jaquez Archuleta - Vice-chair * Presides in the absence of or upon the request of the chairperson. Will maintain attendance records.

Halle Goral - Registrar * Communicates with, represents and supports clubs on campus. As well as keep records during official meetings.

Lia Williams - Treasurer * Looks for ways to fundraise and manage all Student Government funds.

Lexi Sirrieh - Public Relations * In charge of marketing and advertising all Student Government events

Newly elected Student Senators:

A Senator’s role is to assist the Executive Board members in coordinating events. They also share some of the responsibilities when it comes to hearing student concerns and engaging new Student Government members.

Will Zhou

Nadim Razzouk

Monste Rosario

Matthew Mourtisen