Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs

Have you ever considered yourself to be a leader or wanted to explore your leadership potential? PVCC’s Student Life & Leadership Office is your biggest cheerleader! Committed to helping students achieve their fullest leadership potential, we offer leadership training to help students reach their full potential. Through the program, students will develop and apply leadership skills, examining their impact on one’s life and career decisions.

Leadership Programs

MCCCD 3-Day Leadership Retreat

Each year, Student Life & Leadership from both the Maricopa Community College District and Central Arizona College host a three-day retreat designed to strengthen the leadership, life, and wellness skills of students.

The Student Public Policy Forum

The Student Public Policy Forum (SPPF) is an academic program that provides an overview of local, state and national public policy making, and citizen influence and involvement. A focus is placed on experiential learning and leadership development through engagement in the public policy process.

Emerging Leaders

The goal of the Emerging Leaders Program is to provide an opportunity for participants to identify, develop and practice leadership skills in order to make positive social change. Emerging Leaders is rooted in the philosophy that “leadership is a process, not a position”, which means ALL students are capable of becoming leaders.

This dynamic 2-credit course only meets five times per semester and transfers to all three state universities as an elective. Additionally, students learn leadership skills during the Emerging Leaders Retreat, one of the five course meetings, where students actively practice the leadership model.