Receive Your Awards & Book Advance

Receive Your Awards & Book Advance

Receive Your Funds

Excess aid (the amount remaining after all tuition, fees, book advance, and any other related charges are covered) will be disbursed through the Maricopa Student Refund process (MSRP).  You must be enrolled in the minimum required hours as stated on your award letter in order to receive the financial aid offered. Students should not expect their funds any earlier than the third week after their earliest class start, dependent upon their selected refund delivery method selected.

Students with late starting classes or overlapping classes from a prior term may have some (or all) of their grant and/or loan disbursements delayed further. Should your award include a loan, you have an obligation to repay. You must attend an entrance interview prior to receiving funds and exit interview before leaving school. Loans have multiple disbursements and first time borrowers have a 30 day delayed disbursement.

Maricopa Student Refund Program (MSRP):

Upon receipt of your award notification enroll at and select your refund option.

Set up your account with your student ID, date of birth and official Maricopa email address.


Census Date:

Students who are awarded aid by the federal census date have their Pell grant increased for classes added after the census date for that term. This applies to adding classes at PVCC or submitting consortium agreements for classes taken at other colleges. In order to be eligible for Pell grant for the classes the student must be registered by the census date (this applies to late start classes as well) and if applicable the Financial Aid Office must have a completed consortium agreement by the census date. Students who apply for aid after the census date will have their Pell Grant award based on the number of credit hours enrolled on the day their award is calculated.


Book Advances:

The Book Advance program provides advances of financial aid awards to eligible financial aid recipients 9 days prior to the start of their first class. Eligible students are able to purchase books and supplies with their advances at the on-campus bookstore or online.  Note: Book Advance amounts are based on currently awarded aid which may change after census date.


Changes in Status Reported
Additional assistance received from any source since filling your financial aid application must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. Additional assistance could include, but is not limited to, outside donor scholarships, tuition waivers, employment waivers, etc.  Failure to report such assistance is cause for withholding or canceling part or your entire financial aid award. Any changes in employment, state residency for tuition and fees purposes, name, address, marital status, or course load should also be reported to the Financial Aid Office.

Revision and cancelation of Aid
Revisions may be made to your award as a result of changes in your eligibility, academic status, or failure to comply with federal or state laws and regulations and/ or college policies. In addition, your financial aid award is subject to revision should the annual federal or state allocation of funds be reduced below anticipated funding levels, or should limitation be placed upon funds intended for student financial aid purposes. The college reserves the right to review, revise, or terminate your financial aid award at any time.

Note that classes that do not span the entire length of the semester (approximately 16 weeks) could affect your financial aid eligibility (i.e., amounts, disbursement dates, eligibility, etc.