Start Sooner!

Start Sooner!

High School Concurrent Enrollment Program

Start Sooner is an opportunity to receive credits that can fulfill your High School graduation requirements, helping you to get your diploma sooner. It also allows you to earn your college credits at a significantly reduced rate compared to Universities. It also allows you to take college classes at your own pace, whether you choose virtual, online, or in-person classes.

Start Sooner Paradise Valley Community College is broken down into five steps.

Step 1: Get Admitted & Complete Enrollment Tasks

In Step One, you will complete the online admissions application to set up your student account, and then submit identity authentication, reviewing testing requirements and submitting the Financial Responsibility/Consent Form.

Step 2: Determine Course Placement

In Step Two, you will determine, depending on your current High School Grade level and the dual enrollment courses you plan to take, which course placement step you will want to complete: EdReady placement test, upload HS Transcript or State test scores.(If you have any questions about placement testing contact Early College programs).

Step 3: Complete under 18 forms

Forms and Downloads: If you are under the age of 18 it is mandatory to complete the following documents.  Please complete the following documents and turn in forms to our Early College dept. 

Parent/Guardian Responsibility and Consent for Students Under Age of 18


After completing these initial steps, please schedule a meeting with an Early College staff member to enroll into class(es).

You may email at or call at (602) 787‐7182.

Step 4: Register for Classes

In Step Four, you will register for classes. Each class is assigned a five-digit class number. Please contact the Early College office to get registered for classes. 

Step 5: Pay Tuition

In Step Five, you will pay your tuition in full or set up a payment plan. Tuition is due upon registering.