Sustainability Profiles

Sustainability Profiles

Casey Durandet Physics Professor

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Sustainability is very important:  Everyone's future depends on it!  It's taken too long for the international community to realize the adverse effects we have wreaked on our planet.  The time is NOW to make those sustainable changes and initiatives for future generations.

Michele Marion Professor of Sociology, Director of International Education

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My interest in and support of sustainability comes from my grandparents who grew up and lived through the Great Depression. They taught me to conserve and preserve.  It's been my way of life for my entire life. I do not know a different way and would not change it.  Both of my grandmothers and my grandfather were the very best teachers and I both practice and teach their ways.

Cecile Babich Morrow Alumni Engagement Coordinator

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Sustainability at PVCC is important to me because I am committed to creating a campus community that actively engages in an awareness and understanding of our need to care for our planet so those who follow in our footsteps may experience a safe and secure environment.  Sustainable development is important because it encourages us to preserve our natural resources, respect the environment, and conserve biodiversity. Sustainable development allows us to live in harmony with the planet.

Shoshannah Landis Administrative Assistant, Sr. (Science Division)

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I am S. Landis, the Administrative Assistant, Sr. in the Science Division at PVCC, as well as a part time student, working on my AAFA in Theatre. I have my BS in Psychology and feel any area in which we can not only contribute to the well-being of self and others, in a sustainable way, is not only good for the planet, but good for our own focus. Touching base with nature is a gift we give ourselves and it is a satisfying, calming way to get through parts of a hectic day. I’m excited to see a much-needed, sustainable garden brought to our campus, where students and community members alike can enjoy working together to create a space that feels like something of value, nurture and comfort.