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Our Carbon Commitment - PVCC Sustainability

PVCC’s Sustainability Committee wants our community to learn about changes we are making toward reducing our carbon footprint and adopting a more mindful way of living. Watch for more reports to follow. Read more...

Paradise Valley Community College will use the established Triple Bottom Line framework to support its development of a college sustainability plan. The Triple Bottom Line of sustainability, economic feasibility, environmental responsibility and social justice, is best seen as an interconnected web that ties together the individual strategic goals and objectives of the college. In order to achieve these goals, sustainability must be viewed as a core principle of our institution touches all areas of our organization. The graphic below is meant to illustrate how the Triple Bottom Line framework has been utilized to guide development of the plan.

How is Paradise Valley Community College committed to sustainability now? PVCC Facilities department has committed to composting their landscaping waste such as leaves and grass cuttings to redirect waste out of landfills. The composted plant material will serve as fertilizer for existing and future trees planted on campus. In the past three years alone, facilities has planted almost 100 trees, aside from other bushes, flowers, and succulents, and anticipates about 75 more trees will be planted in the coming months. These efforts are not just to beautify campus, but to purify the air.