Student FAQ

Student FAQ

Technology Student Self Help

Please choose from the list of topics below to help troubleshoot your issue.  If at any time you are experiencing technical difficulties, the Technology Help Desk is available with additional support services to find a solution.


  • What's an MEID?
    • The MEID or (Maricopa Enterprise Identification) credential Maricopa uses to identify your access to resources. It consists of the first 3 letters of your name followed by 2 more letters and then a series of random numbers (e.g. abcde12345).
  • How do I set up my MEID and password?
  • What if I forgot my MEID?
  • What if I forgot or need to reset my password?

  • What Google services do I have access to with Maricopa?
    • Every MEID account has access to the full G-suite. This includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites, and more. 
  • What is my email address?
  • Can I forward my email to another address?
    • Yes, you can forward your email to another address. For more information on forwarding emails, click here.
  • I am now married. Can I change my name in my email?
    • Official name changes need to be requested through the office of the registrar. A new email alias can be created after the official request has been resolved.

  • I can't see the "pumas" network on my computer.
    • Make sure your wireless is turned on, make sure you choose the wireless network "pumas" and click to connect.
  • I can load the login portal, but I keep failing authentication.
    • Verify that you are correctly typing in your MEID and password. If you forgot your password, please contact the Help Desk at 602-787-7780
  • How long can I stay connected the wireless network?
    • Your login session will remain valid for 90 days.
  • Can I print from my BYOD device?
    • No. Printing is not available for BYOD device users.
  • Can I access "pumas" with more than one device at a time?
    • Yes. Each device will require it's own authentication in order to register for use.