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All PVCC employees, students and visitors are required to wear face coverings while indoors and encouraged to practice social distancing while on campus. PVCC cares about you and your safety! If you are not feeling well, please do not come to campus.

How to report Coronavirus (Covid19)

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Employee FAQ


Technology Employees Self Help

Please choose from the list of topics below to help troubleshoot your issue. If at any time you are experiencing technical difficulties, the Technology Help Desk is available with additional support services to find a solution.

Fall/Spring Technology Help Desk Hours:
Monday - Thursday 7:00am to 7:00pm
Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm

  • What's an MEID?
    • The MEID or (Maricopa Enterprise Identification) credential Maricopa uses to identify your access to resources. It consists of the first 3 letters of your name followed by 2 more letters and then a series of random numbers (e.g. abcde12345).
  • What if I forgot my MEID?
  • What if I forgot or need to reset my password?
  • What Google services do I have access to with Maricopa?
    • Every MEID account has access to the full G-suite. This includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites, and more. 
  • What is my email address?
  • Can I forward my email to another address?
    • Yes, you can forward your email to another address. For more information on forwarding emails, click here.
  • I am now married. Can I change my name in my email?
    • Official name changes need to be requested through the office of the registrar. A new email alias can be created after the official request has been resolved.
  • The image in my Google mail signature is missing.
    • The official signature has changed. Please create a new eSignature.
  • What programs are in Office 365?
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, and more.
  • How many devices can I add Office 365 to?
    • Office 365 can be added to up to 5 devices.
  • Where can I get Office 365?
  • Where can I find support?
  • Am I able to check out equipment from the Technology Helpdesk?
    • If you are in a permanent position or Faculty with proper authorization, you can check out equipment from the Technology Help Desk
  • Am I permitted to install software on checkout equipment?
    • Yes, software may be installed on equipment that is checked out. Although, we recommend listing any software that be required ahead of your reservation.
  • What equipment can I check out from the Technology Help Desk?
    • Mobile devices such as Mac and PC laptops, and iPad’s sets are available for check out. Please contact the helpdesk for availability.
  • How long can I check out the equipment?
  • Which signatures are required for me to check out equipment?
    • If the device is for use on campus, then only the employee's signature is required
    • If the device is for use off campus, but for less than 14 days, both the department chair/supervisor and a vice president's signatures are required
    • For thirty days or more, the department chair/supervisor, a vice president, and the president's signatures are required.
  • Am I able to check out software from the Technology Helpdesk?
    • You must be a Board-Approved staff or faculty member at PVCC to check out software for home use, the software request form can be found on the left navigation menu.
  • Are my students able to check out software that I'm teaching in class?
    • Some classes may be provided with software in class or included with their text books. All other software is not permitted for check out due to limited licensing availability.
  • May I make a backup copy of the software I check out?
    • Backup copies of software is not permitted due to copyright law.
  • What software is available to check out?
    • For inquiries on what software is available to check out, please contact the Technology Help Desk directly.
  • Is there a time limit for how long I can check out the software?
    • Software checked out must be returned within two business days.
  • Is there a limit to how many copies I can check out?
    • Only one copy per software program may be checked out at one time.
  • How do I print?
    • ​All campus printing is controlled through a print management system. If you are an employee, you will be automatically assigned for free print release and your department billed for pages printed.
  • What is my user name to access my print account?
    • All Pay for Print accounts are automatically generated using MEIDs. All you have to do is login to any academic computer, and you will be able to print.
  • How do I release my print jobs?
    • You will need your PVCC ID card to release print jobs. As an employee, you should have already received one from the HR department upon hire.
  • I can't see the "pumas" network on my computer.
    • Make sure your wireless is turned on, make sure you choose the wireless network "pumas" and click to connect.
  • I can load the login portal, but I keep failing authentication.
    • Verify that you are correctly typing in your MEID and password. If you forgot your password, please contact the Help Desk at 602-787-7780.
  • How long can I stay connected the wireless network?
    • Your login will remain valid for 90 days.
  • Can I print from my BYOD device?
    • No. Printing is not available for BYOD device users.
  • Can I access WiFi with more than one device at a time?
    • Yes. Each device will require it's own authentication in order to register for use.

This document explains how to disable the Pop-up Blocked feature in the common browsers for both Windows and Mac OS. Disabling Pop-up Blocked