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Black Mountain Tutoring
Black Mountain Tutoring

PVCC at Black Mountain is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals by providing a number of student success resources. English and math tutors are present at the tutoring area located in Aquila Hall. Other resources include a variety of textbooks and study rooms available for student use.


Are you struggling with a class? Do you just want to get ahead? PVCC at Black Mountain offers free Math and English tutoring for students. Drop in during the hours listed below to review challenging topics and take a step towards achieving greater academic success.

Black Mountain Tutoring Schedule - Fall 2018
MATH   10:30AM - 1:30PM 1:00PM - 4:00PM 10:30AM - 1:30PM   Closed
ASTRONOMY, BIOLOGY, GEOLOGY       1:30PM - 5:00PM   Closed
CHEMISTRY   8:30AM - 12:30PM   1:30AM - 5:00PM   Closed

Tutoring is also available at the Union Hills campus. Visit the Learning Support Center to learn more. See the subjects and tutors here, and call (602) 787-7180 for tutor hours.

Reserve a Study Room

Have you formed a study group for one of your classes? Do you need someplace convenient to meet your group members? Study rooms in the Aquila Hall tutoring area are available for student use. In order to make sure a room will be free when you need it, use this link to reserve a room.

Not sure where to go?

Tutoring and study rooms are located in Aquila Hall Room 102. Click the map below to enlarge.

Tutoring Location