Class Schedule

Class Schedule

The Black Mountain site offers for-credit classes that are transferable. Use the link below to view our courses online, or visit our office for a printed copy of our schedule. Classes are listed at, under Find a Class.

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Fall 2023 Classes at Black Mountain:
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Class   Class#   Delivery Days Times Dates Location Instructor
Fundamental Chemistry CHM130 34122 LEC P T 12:30- 3:30P 08/22/23-12/15/23 AQH 134 Stuff,Katharine E
Fundamental Chemistry Lab CHM130LL 34130 LAB P R 12:30- 3:30P 08/24/23-12/15/23 AQH 136 Stuff,Katharine E
General Chemistry I CHM151AA 13906 LEC HY W 9:30-12:00P 08/23/23-12/15/23 AQH 136 Massey,Scott T
General Chemistry I CHM151AA 13907 LAB HY W TBA 08/23/23-12/15/23 LAB Massey,Scott T
Survey Computer Info Systems CIS105 14173 L+L HY W 11:00-12:50P 08/23/23-10/13/23 AQH 104 Carter,Michelle
Intro to Human Communication COM100 13210 LEC P MW 3:30- 4:45P 08/21/23-12/15/23 ORH 106 Bakker,Jessica M.
Macroeconomic Principles ECN211 13650 LEC HY W 9:30-10:45A 08/23/23-12/15/23 AQH 141 Goegan,Brian Robert
First-Year Composition ENG101 13246 LEC P MW 8:00- 9:15A 08/21/23-12/15/23 ORH 105 Duncan,Barbara Ann
First-Year Composition ENG101 13643 LEC P MW 11:00-12:15P 08/21/23-12/15/23 ORH 105 Duncan,Barbara Ann
First-Year Composition ENG102 13570 LEC P TR 12:30- 1:45P 08/22/23-12/15/23 ORH 105 Duncan,Barbara Ann
Intro College Career Success FYE101 14341 LEC P M 9:30-10:40A 08/21/23-11/09/23 ORH 104 Staff
Explore College Career Success FYE103 33702 LEC P TR 11:00-12:15P 08/22/23-12/15/23 AQH TBA Staff
College Algebra/Functions MAT151 13468 LEC P MW 2:00- 3:50P 08/21/23-12/15/23 ORH 107 Okrongly,Lori Ann