Theatre & Film Courses

Theatre & Film Courses


THE 111 - Introduction to Theatre
A survey of theatre, including basic elements and principles of production, styles, and/or historical perspectives of theatre, dramatic literature, and criticism.

THE 220 - Modern Drama
Analysis of dramatic literature studied within political, historical, and cultural contexts and examined from the perspective of the playwright's structure and style.


THP 112 - Acting I
Fundamental techniques and terminology of acting through physical and vocal expression, improvisation, and monologue and scene work. Emphasis on characterization.

THF115 Makeup for Stage and Screen
Purposes, materials, and techniques of theatrical makeup. Prerequisites: None.

THP120AA & AB Audition Techniques
Practice in the techniques of auditioning for the stage.

THP 130 - Combat for Stage and Screen
Analysis and practice of physical movement, including basic techniques in staged personal combat with and without weapons. Emphasis on stunt fighting and fencing.

THP131 Stage Movement
Movement skills for the actor to develop a flexible, expressive physical instrument. Includes pantomime, physical isolation, and awareness exercises. Prerequisites: None. 

THP151 Theatre for Youth
Principles and techniques of selecting plays, adapting stories, playwriting, directing, designing, producing, and acting in theatre for youth. The course will provide the opportunity to analyze and experience the production process from creating a script to performing a theatre production for a youth audience.

THP 201AA - Theatre Production I
Designed to give college credit to the cast and technical production crews of college theatre productions. May be repeated for up to a maximum of four (4) credits.

THP 201 AB - Theatre Production II
Designed to give college credit to the cast and technical production crews of college theatre productions. May be repeated for up to a maximum of four (4) credits.

THF 209 - Acting for TV & Film
Special technical aspects of acting before a camera.

THP 212 - Acting II
Fundamental techniques of acting through script analysis, rehearsal, and performance.

THP 213 - Introduction to Technical Theatre
Procedures of technical theatre production and demonstration. Topics include design and construction of scenery; lighting and properties.

THP214 Directing Techniques
Contemporary theory and practice in directing, the evolution of present-day directing procedures, and a sampling of scripts for directing practice. Principles of script analysis, blocking, casting, rehearsing, and performing. Prerequisites: THP112 and THE220, or permission of instructor. 

THP215 Beginning Stage Lighting Basic theories and methods of stage lighting for all production types. Emphasis on technical/theoretical facts, artistic/design concept development, and "teamwork" structure of theatre. Examines stage lighting optics, instrument selection and application, color theory, circuiting and control systems, and basic design. Prerequisites: THP213 or permission of instructor.

THP217 Introduction to Design Scenography
The role of the theatre designer in creating scenic, lighting, costume, sound, and multimedia effects for stage productions. Elements of the design process and communication of dramatic themes and visions to the audience.

THF219 Advanced Acting for TV/Film<
Focuses on special technical aspects of advanced acting before a camera. Prerequisites: THP210 or permission of instructor. 

THP226 Theatrical Design: Costuming
Basic techniques involved in researching, designing, and constructing costumes for the stage.

THP265 Introduction to Stage Management
The focus of this course is the role of the stage manager. Topics include all aspects of preparation and implementation of rehearsals and performances for the stage manager position. Prerequisites: None.

THP268 Opportunities in Production
Provides the continuing design student, dramaturge, stage management, director and technical director students with opportunities to expand the versatility of professional skills. Emphasis on relating their work to the total production process. Linking design ideas to production concept. Advanced directing students direct a One Act in the Studio Theatre during the Season.

THP270 Musical Theatre Workshop
Workshop in the study and performance of Musical Theatre repertoire. Including audition techniques, talent evaluation criticism, rehearsal techniques, vocal acting styles, stage movement, and performance. Prerequisites: None. 

THP271 Voice and Diction
Exercises and techniques to free the voice and improve projection, resonance, and articulation. Covers international phonetic alphabet and standard stage speech. Prerequisites: None.

THP 298 - Special Projects
Organized and tailored around the interests and needs of the individual student. Structured to provide an atmosphere of individualized research and study paralleled by professional expertise and guidance. Professional-type facilities and equipment are made available for student use. Allows the best aspects of independent study and individualized learning to be combined to maximize student development.