Transportation Requirements

transportation requirements

Students may not drive PVCC vehicles and are discouraged from using their personal vehicles for official college business

Students transporting students in personal vehicles for official college business is highly discouraged. (Exceptions are approved by the Activity Coordinator and College Safety.)

Contact College Safety Office at 602-787-7900 for information regarding van driver requirements, reserving campus vehicles, and the issuance of cell phones for field trips.

District Legal discourages the transportation of students in an employee’s personal vehicle for official college business.

If a student is transported in an employee’s personal vehicle, the employee’s personal automobile insurance becomes the primary insurance coverage with MCCCD insurance as secondary coverage and the employee becomes liable for medical.

All van drivers must complete the online Van Driver Requirements training course.

Upon completion of the course, a test will be given. The test results will be automatically forwarded to the District Risk Manager.

After the online course is completed, drivers will be required to download, complete, and submit the Motor Vehicle Record Release form to the College Safety Office - Attention Scott Meek.

Van Driving Requirements

Vehicle Driving Record Release

Conditions for Disqualification

All field trip activities/events requiring transportation must follow the PVCC Caravan Guidelines.

Employees of the Maricopa County Community College District who drive district-owned vehicles must complete two requirements, as per Administrative Regulation 4.14: (1) they must take and pass an online defensive-driving training course; and (2) they must submit to an inquiry by a certified College Safety police officer into their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) driving history that shows a satisfactory driving record by completing the Motor Vehicle Record and Driving History Release Form. (Subsequent MVR reviews will be conducted annually by College Safety to ensure a satisfactory driving record. Employees must successfully complete the online defensive-driving course every three years).

Activity Coordinator provides trip itinerary and contact information to College Safety Office prior to departure.

All drivers using an authorized personal vehicle in a caravan situation for college/district business must possess and provide proof of a valid AZ Driver’s License and proof of current automobile insurance to the Activity Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the Activity Coordinator to verify this information prior to travel and forward it to the College Safety Office.

The Activity Coordinator records the driver’s license number and expiration and the vehicle insurance information and expiration for drivers using personal vehicles. Upon completion of the activity/event this information is shredded.

A lead car is required for every caravan. The Activity Coordinator must occupy the lead car.

All vehicles participating in a caravan shall depart from a designated area at the same time and arrive at the destination approximately the same time. There will be no passing the lead car.

Travel must be directly from point A to point B. The caravan may stop for gas/food/restroom on direct route to point B. No side trips are permitted.

Travel must be directly from point A to point B. The caravan may stop for gas/food/restroom on direct route to point B. No side trips are permitted.

It is the responsibility of the Activity Coordinator to provide an itinerary to each driver outlining the direct route of travel, including any per-authorized stops.

It is the responsibility of drivers to have their vehicle fueled prior to traveling.

Rented Vehicles

Please refer to the follow website or contact the Fiscal Office at 787-7350 for car rental insurance details.

Vehicle Travel – Mexico

If the field trip is driving into Mexico on district or college business, contact the District Risk Manager, at 480-731-8879 prior to the trip to secure the required insurance.