Marketing and Communications

Forms and Guidelines

Getting Started
Be sure to allow enough time for you project. Most publications require six to eight weeks from the time we received your copy to delivery of the publication from the printer. Major projects will take longer.

First, take time to think about your publication. You'll want to answer the following questions before starting on your copy.


  • What is the purpose of the publication?
    Before you begin writing, clearly define your message.
  • Who is your audience?
    The message should be tailored specifically for your readers.
  • Do you have the photographs you need or do you want our help in acquiring them?
    Good photos are a valuable element in telling your story.
  • What is your budget?
    Knowing this will help us develop a publication that is affordable and does what you want.
  • What is your deadline?
    Start preparations far enough in advance that you can allow us and the printer sufficient time with your publication.


Preparing the Copy
Before you start writing, develop a theme that best conveys your message. Be sure you are writing for your intended audience.

If you've seen other publications you like, get samples of them and be prepared to tell us what you particularly like about them.

Editing and Design
When we receive your work request, we'll contact you to set up an initial meeting. Bring a paper copy and a word processing version of your copy to the initial meeting. Also, bring along any photos you have and other publications you like.

From this point on, we will work with you to develop the publication you want. You will have several opportunities along the way to review mockups and proofs and make alterations.

Getting It Printed
We can get a printing estimate for you before sending to a printer. That way you will have a good idea of what the project will cost. Modifications can be made, if necessary, to stay within your budget.

When you and we are satisfied, the job will be sent to a printer. The work will be done by the printer who submits the low bid for the project.

The printer will usually submit a final proof so we can ensure all specifications are being met. Once you approve that proof, the job will be printed and your publication will be delivered to you or mailed as agreed upon.


Meet with you as soon as possible after receiving your work request to discuss the concept, goals, and audience for your publication and to set up a production schedule. We will begin on your job pending other projects in process and prioritization.

Edit and design the publication to best meet your needs, schedule, and budget. We will make recommendations about wording, graphics, type fonts, paper, and ink colors.

Assist you in acquiring photos or graphics for the publication, when necessary. Photos or graphics beyond the in-house stock/resources will be charged to your budget.

Keep you informed of the progress on your job and request your approval at appropriate points.

Work with the printer to ensure that job specifications are followed and that the schedule is maintained.


Allow enough time. Most publications need six to eight weeks from the time we receive the copy to delivery of printed copies. Small jobs may take less time, and major projects will take longer.

Provide a hard copy and disk copy of your completed copy. Bring them to the initial interview, if possible. We will start work on your job upon receipt of your copy. We will begin on your job pending other projects in process and prioritization.

Return the job on schedule when it is in your hands for review or proofreading.

Carefully check the final copy and design before the job goes to printing. Changes after that can be expensive and probably will delay the project.

Make appointments before coming to the marketing office. This ensures that we have adequate time for everyone and saves you time, too.

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