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Business Cards

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How Do I Order Business Cards?

  • Business card order requests must be placed online by employees at:
  • Orders will no longer be accepted by email, paper form or by dropping off a card.

Who Can Request Cards?

  • Board Approved employees who have a business need may request business cards. 
  • In general, cards are not supplied for temporary employees, student employees or adjunct instructors. 
  • Exceptions require approval by Division Vice President via email to Marketing.

How Many Cards May I Order?

  • Administrators and employees in positions with high public contact are supplied 500 cards (2 boxes) per fiscal year at no charge
  • All other employees are supplied 250 cards (1 box) per fiscal year at no charge
  • Additional orders must be paid through department budget as an expense transfer to Marketing charge center 110-500-151390-54100. Contact Marketing for costs.
  • Exceptions include changes in office location or phone number, new position or title change, or name change.

What can I print on my card – Title, email and Web address?

  • Employee title is limited to two lines and should be your official MCCCD position title.  
  • Exceptions require approval by Division Vice President via email to Marketing.
  • The use of a non-PVCC/MCCCD e-mail or web address is not permitted.

Proofing Responsibility

  • Proofing and ensuring accuracy is the responsibility of the person who submits the order.
  • The online system allows you to check a PDF proof on screen (or print it out) and make changes online before submitting.  
  • The Marketing Department is not responsible for and will not proof your card for typos or mistakes.