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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED FOR IN-PERSON SERVICES:   Summer 2020 courses are being conducted in an online or remote education format. Please check for specifics regarding your classes, or contact the course instructor for information about the online or remote education opportunities. Updated - July 8, 2020

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Five Steps to Grant Success

Step 1: Interested in Developing a Grant Proposal

  • Consult with your supervisor and/or Vice President about your grant idea.
  • Contact the College Grant’s Management Office at x77362.
  • Participate in the District’s Grant Writing 101 workshop if available.
  • Complete Pre-submission Form and obtain approval signatures.

Step 2: Grant Funding Search

Step 3: Project Proposal Writing>

  • This step includes describing the Project Proposal detail as outlined by the Grantor. The College Grants Coordinator and District Grant Development Office are available to assist in the proposal writing process.
  • Some Key Questions:
    • What are the issues affect our students, faculty, staff, surrounding community and college?
    • Is this issue a strategic goal of PVCC?
    • How do we know if the issues exist? (data, studies, reports, etc.).
    • What do we need to solve the issues?
  • An Implementation and Operating Plan must be developed.

Step 4: College Administrators Reviews/Approvals

  • The Grant Proposal, Proposed Approval Summary Form and Project Administration Form are prepared and present to PVCC President.
  • College administrators (Vice President of the program personnel, College Grant Office, and College President) review and provide approvals and signatures, and finalize the proposal.

Step 5: District Grants Development Office (DGO) Review/Approval

  • Submit approved proposal to DGO at least ten business days prior to the application due date.
  • DGO will submit proposal to the Grantor organization.