Alumni News

Alumni News

Welcome Back!

Dr. Tiffany Hunter

I am so honored to welcome you back to the PVCC Puma Family!  It does not matter how long it has been since you took one or more courses with us, we are proud that you are a member of the PVCC family of alumni and former students.  Over our more than three decades of serving the community, PVCC still remains committed to providing a high quality learning experience for everyone, and it is my hope that you feel a sense of pride when you reflect on your experiences with us.  As you navigate throughout your community, please let your PVCC Puma pride show.  We sincerely appreciate you and all that you currently do and what you will do to support PVCC and your fellow Pumas!  I am Proud to be a Puma and I hope that you are too!


Dr. Tiffany E. Hunter
Paradise Valley Community College