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Dr. Paul Dale
Dr. Paul Dale

August 2020

Greetings Puma Alumni,

It has been said that a crisis both accelerates needed transformation and accentuates the important and vexing challenges facing higher education. At PVCC, we have approached the pandemic with the firm and confident intent that we will emerge from this public health crisis as a more relevant, accessible, sustainable and thriving college. Since March of 2020, our faculty and staff have been not only maintaining continuity of teaching and learning in a safe and supportive environment, but have also been engaged with planning to meet the needs of students as we begin the fall semester and beyond.

Throughout the pandemic, we have also “stayed the course” with continued innovation as exemplified by the launching and enhancing of several new academic programs (game development, engineering, computer science), full implementation of student support programs to further increase success and completion (Guided Pathways, Early Alert, cohort based learning), and expanding learning modalities to include live online and more robust hybrid offerings.

As a lifetime Puma, I encourage you to stay virtually connected, access our career services, and continue to share your successes with us. As always, I encourage you to also look for ways to continue to support PVCC through your time, talent or financial support of the many student scholarships - especially during these very challenging times.

Warm Regards,

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Paul Dale, Ed.D.

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