Math Center

Math Center

Math Center in the Q-Building

    Math tutors are available for in-person tutoring and virtual tutoring. The Math Center offers services and resources for students which include the following:

  • Math tutoring options - in-person (Q-152) and virtual tutoring (Cranium Cafe). Please click on the math tutoring button for more information.
  • Calculator Rentals ($20 per semester) for more information please scroll below. 

If you have questions or would like help making an appointment with a tutor or success coach, please call us at 602-787-7740 or email us at

Midterm/Final Exam Testing for Online Students
Please click on the button to register for your midterm or final exam. This registration is only for students taking online math classes.

Midterm/Final Exam Testing

Math Center Policies and Procedures 
Below are our policies and procedures. Please read and sign this form.

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Calculator Information

Calculator Rentals

*All calculators have been rented out for the Fall 2023 semester.

Need a calculator for your math class at PVCC? Please fill out the form below to request a calculator rental. As of August 1, 2023, we are no longer accepting calculator extensions. Calculator rentals are for PVCC students who are registered for Math courses for this semester.

There is a $20 charge for the rental of the calculator. The $20 fee needs to be paid before picking up the calculator. An email will be sent to your Maricopa email when the fee is charged and the calculator is ready for pick-up. Fees can be paid through the Maricopa Student Center @ Calculators not returned at the end of the semester (December 14, 2023), will result in a hold ($170 fee) on your academic account and subsequent debt collection, in addition to a late charge of $20.  Fall 2023 calculator return date: December 14, 2023  

Please pick up and return all calculators to the Learning Success Center in the E building.


Math Center
Math Center
Math Center