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Math Center

Math Center

Math Center in the Q-Building

    Math tutors are available for in-person tutoring and virtual tutoring. The Math Center offers services and resources for students which include the following:

  • Math tutoring options - in-person (Q-152) and virtual tutoring (Cranium Cafe). Please click on the math tutoring button for more information.
  • Calculator Rentals/Extensions ($20 per semester) for more information please scroll below. 
  • Math Instructional Testing
  • Study Rooms

If you have questions or would like help making an appointment with a tutor or success coach, please call us at 602-787-7740 or email us at mathcenter@paradisevalley.edu.

Midterm/Final Exam Testing for Online Students
Please click on the button to register for your midterm or final exam. This registration is only for students taking online math classes.

Midterm/Final Exam Testing

Math Center Policies and Procedures 
Below are our policies and procedures. Please read and sign this form.

Please review and sign

Calculator Information

Calculator Rentals & Calculator Extensions

Need a calculator for your math class at PVCC? The Math Center has calculators to rent for the semester. A $20 charge for the calculator rental is applied to your student account. If you need to rent a calculator for the semester, please fill out the form below.

Did you rent a calculator for the previous semester but need it for the current semester and still have the calculator? Fill out the calculator rental and extension form, and a $20 charge will be applied to your student account.

Please pick up and return all calculators to the Math Center in the Q Building.

Calculator Rentals & Calculator Extension Forms


Math Center
Math Center
Math Center