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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an EMT?
An Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a trained individual who provides basic life support at the scene of a medical emergency to prevent further injury after the initial incident. The EMT maintains necessary basic care of the victim, in accordance with national and state curriculum, prior to the arrival of advanced life support units and during transport to the nearest hospital.

How do I enroll in EMT104?
You can enroll in an EMT104 class at any time when they are available. THE SOONER THE BETTER! We say this because these classes fill up fast upon availability each semester.  You will also need to pick up one of our EMT104 Student Packet & Checklist, located in the EMT/FSC Office in the L-Building, or you can download it by going to our EMT page and clicking the link on the right side of the page under “Downloads”.  Read through and complete all the requirements listed in the packet. It is important to follow the instructions listed prior to the start of the class to avoid getting dropped from the class.

I am having trouble enrolling in EMT104 through online. How do I fix this?
Unfortunately this cannot be fixed. It is set up like that for a reason due to prerequisites that need to be met before enrollment. You can only enroll in EMT104 and its corequisite courses (listed in the EMT104 Student Packet & Checklist) either over the phone at 602-787-7000, or in person at the Welcome Center in the KSC Building on campus.

Will I get a job after taking EMT104?
No. EMT104 is a training course which you have to successfully complete in order to get the opportunity to take the national certification exam. You will need to become nationally and/or state certified as an EMT (see certification question below) in order to begin applying for jobs as an EMT.

What are the requirements to pass EMT104?
Students are required to pass the course with an 80%, pass all psychomotor (skills) evaluations, and complete the final with an 80% or better. You are given two chances to pass the final.

How do I gain certification in Arizona as an EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic?
To become certified at any level in Arizona you must successfully complete an Arizona Department of Health Services approved training course; PVCC's are EMT104 for the EMT level, and the Paramedic Education Program for the Paramedic level. Following successful completion of either of the above mentioned courses/programs, you will be approved to take the National Registry Cognitive Examination for EMT's or Paramedic. You will have to pass this exam within three attempts with a score of at least 70% within two years of the official course end date to become certified as an EMT or Paramedic. You will then need to submit the required DHS certification application, a course completion certificate from your training course/program, and documentation of successful certification by the NREMT to the AZ DHS EMT Certification office located at 150 N. 18th Avenue, Suite 540, Phoenix, AZ 85007 to get your AZ state certification card and be registered in the state database as an EMT or Paramedic. As of 2011, the state of Arizona only recognizes the EMT & Paramedic levels; they do not recognize the Advanced EMT (old EMT-Intermediate) level anymore.
For out-of-state applicants, who already hold a current and valid National Registry certification card at the EMT or Paramedic level, please contact the AZ DHS Bureau of EMS Office at 602-364-3150 for information on how to obtain an AZ state certification.

If I have a criminal history can I take EMT104?
The answer is yes and no. You can take EMT104, but if you wish to be a certified EMT you must contact the AZ DHS Bureau of EMS to find out if they will accept your application based on your criminal history. AZ DHS Bureau of EMS can be reached at 602.364.3150 or

How do I renew my Arizona EMT certification?
You must take an approved EMT Refresher Course (PVCC's is EMT200) every two years prior to your expiration date. Your CPR must also be current (you will receive a new CPR certification during the EMT200 course).

How do I renew my National Registry EMT status?
Currently, Arizona does not require that you keep a current National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) certification for recertification purposes, you only need to recertify your AZ EMT certification. However, if you plan to work in another state or would like keep your NREMT certification active, contact the National Registry of EMT's for information on how to renew your NREMT certification.  NOTE: You will be required to complete continuing education (CE) classes throughout your two years of active certification as one part to recertify your NREMT.  You will not be able to recertify your NREMT certification if you look into recertifying only a few months prior to expiration.

My certification has expired. How do I get recertified?
If your certification is more than two years expired, then you must repeat the initial EMT training course. If your certification is less than two years expired, but beyond 30 days from expiration, you must take an approved refresher course and successfully re-take the National Registry of EMTs cognitive exam. Contact the AZ DHS Bureau of EMS at 602-364-3150 for further information.  If you are still within 30 days after your certification has expired, you must contact the above number ASAP and will be required to pay a late fee for renewing your certification.
For further questions, please contact the PVCC EMT/FSC Office at 602-787-6782, or AZ DHS Bureau of EMS at 602-364-3150 or find them online at