Fire Science Courses Available

Fire Science Courses Available

Courses available in Fire Science at PVCC are listed below (please see the class schedule for available offerings or contact the EMT/FSC Office at 602-787-6782:

FSC101: Introduction to Fire Service Selection

FSC102: Fire Department Operations Academy (Fire I & II Academy)

FSC105: Hazardous Materials/First Responder

FSC106: Introduction to Fire Protection

FSC108: Fundamentals of Fire Prevention

FSC110: Wild land Firefighter

FSC111: Emergency Vehicle Driver Operator

FSC113: Introduction to Fire Suppression

FSC117: Fire Apparatus

FSC118: Fire Hydraulics

FSC119: Introduction to Fire Service Ethics

FSC130: Fitness for Firefighter - CPAT

FSC131: Introduction to Urban Technical Rescue

FSC134: Fitness and Conditioning for Firefighters

FSC147: Emergency Preparedness

FSC148: Fundamentals of Emergency Management

FSC167: Fire Captain Academy (**must be a professional firefighter)

FSC202: Supervisory Training for Firefighters

FSC204: Firefighting Tactics & Strategy

FSC208: Firefighter Safety & Building Construction

FSC215: Customer Service in the Public Sector

FSC231: Battalion Chief Academy (**must be a professional firefighter)

FSC238: Vehicle Extrication & Patient Stabilization

FSC260: Technical Rope Rescue (RR) 1, 2, 3

FSC261: National Fire Protection Agency Rope Technician

For descriptions of each course, please visit the MCCCD Center for Curriculum and Transfer Articulation webpage, and in the gray box titled "Quick Course Search", input the appropriate course you are looking for (ex: FSC101).