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Social Work Myths

Social Work Myths

Social Work Myth Busters

Taken from Social Work Myth Busters distributed by National Association of Social Workers.

Myth: Most social workers work for the government.

Fact: Fewer than 3% of all professional social workers work for the federal government.

Fact: Only about 1/3 of all professional social workers are employed by federal, state or local governments.


Myth: For therapy you need a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Fact: Professional social workers are the nation's largest providers of mental health and therapy services.

Fact: Professional social workers are often the only mental health care providers servicing residents of many poor, rural counties.


Myth: Most social workers are employed in public welfare or child welfare.

Fact: Only about one-quarter of all child welfare cases are handled by professional social workers.

Fact: Professional social workers practice in many settings: family services agencies, mental health centers, schools, hospitals, corporations, courts, police departments, prisons, public and private agencies, and private practice.

Fact: More than 200 professional social workers hold elective office, including one U.S. senator and four Representatives.


Myth: Social service employees, caseworkers, and volunteers are "social workers."

Fact: A social worker is a trained professional who has a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in social work.

Fact: All states license or otherwise regulate social work practice.

Fact: A social service employee, caseworker, or volunteer community worker is not a "social worker" unless he or she has a social work degree.